#DivideAndConquer review by Paul Ready


Reporting ringside at the Ice Arena, Hull.

In a night that contained many “trade” fights – it proved to be a dramatic and entertaining night at the Ice Arena.


Shayne Singleton v Sam Eggington

Sam “The Savage” Eggington produced a stunning performance on Saturday evening – by stopping the previously undefeated Shayne Singleton. After the impressive victory over Denton Vassell, The Savage continued his rapid rise.

21 yr old Eggington carries serious power in his both hands and he won’t have many domestic Welterweight’s queuing up to face him after this performance. Peter Sims told me some time ago that The Savage was one to watch and is a real puncher – Peter always has an eye for talent – as does Chairman of Matchroom Barry Hearn who has made no secret that Eggington is a personal favourite of his.

25 yr old Singleton was floored in the 2nd by a left-hand – as he tried to stand and trade with the powerful Stourbridge native.

I did expect Singleton to try to box more after that, but he continued to stand and exchange with Eggington – which was proving to be a naive tactic.

Two brutal knock-downs ensued in the 5th and it was suffice for the referee to wave the contest off – and not a moment too soon.

Egginton captured the WBC International Silver title and can look forward to a first defence in his home city of Birmingham in May.


Rocky Fielding v Oleg Fedotovs


Rocky Fielding capped his comeback fight after injury with a points decision over Latvian journeyman Fedotovs.

The 27 yr old looked jaded and very rusty after a 9 month lay-off due to a hand injury – on the evidence of this performance he needs a few more outings before a sterner test is made.

Fielding is mandatory challenger for the British title currently held by Paul Smith Jr – who was working as a pundit for Sky on Saturday. I feel that Fielding is a level below Smith Jr and I don’t see much merit in that fight for the champion.

Smith Jr after two world title defeats to Arthur Abraham has shown that he is competing above domestic level – thus making the chance of facing fellow Liverpudlian Fielding slim. I can see Smith Jr vacating and allowing younger brother Callum to face Rocky – as he will be confident the Lonsdale belt remains in the family.

Fielding like Callum Smith is well ranked with other governing bodies and it’s a fight many would like to see in the coming months.


Luke Campbell v Levis Morales


Cool Hand stopped Nicaraguan Morales inside 3 rounds of his 8 round contest – his first fight since his sizzling performance over Daniel Brizuela in October.

I rate Campbell massively, he boxed beautifully and didn’t waste a shot. The sheer accuracy and compose he displays – even against much lesser opposition strengthens the general consensus that he can swim with the domestic big boys.

Ability-wise I believe Campbell is the 2nd best in the UK – with Kevin Mitchell currently the Dean of the British Lightweight scene. Mitchell with a career-best performance in January, notably put Daniel Estrada’s title chances in to liquidation.

One final hurdle awaits Cool Hand and post-fight promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed he aims to have him out again on 25th April at the O2 – against a Gary Sykes/Martin Gethin level opponent.

The winner of Tommy Coyle v Luke Campbell will be thrust in to title eliminators later this year – so much more than being Hull’s “top dog” is at stake.


Tommy Coyle v Martin Gethin


He doesn’t like to make it easy for himself does he?

Boom Boom Coyle and his corner must have feared the worst when he was flattened in the 2nd – by a carbon-copy left thrown by Derry Mathews – with Coyle somehow getting back to his feet.

Once up, he looked like a rabbit stuck at a headlights as he was bobbing on his feet and clearly dazed but he boxed on. The Quiet Man Gethin sensed he could upset the apple-cart and proceeded to rock the 25yr old with further shots. Coyle’s trainer Jamie Moore had the towel in his hand and was ready to throw it – only to be restrained by corner-man Nigel Travis.

Coyle cleared his head and began to box using much more lateral movement. I gave him the 3rd and 4th rounds without a moment’s hesitation.

At the end of the 4th, Gethin’s corner beckoned the referee over to advise he had perforated his eardrum and the 31yr old could no longer continue. I felt this was a shame as the fight had all the makings of a good scrap – which Coyle had gained momentum on and would have emerged victorious.

“Sorry it was a short night but let’s all look forward to the summer showdown with Luke Campbell,” he told Sky Sports.

“I love fighting. I love getting in this ring. I’d have loved going 12 rounds tonight – or more. I can look forward to Luke Campbell though. I think I am going to knock him out. He’s my mate and I will be after.”

Hull has it’s summer showdown between both men and it’s one that will split the city right down the middle.

Coyle has earnt an overdue rest as he won’t box again before he faces Campbell.

Bradley Saunders and Gamal Yafai were victorious with 2 respective stoppage victories. Erick Ochieng who I had beating Tom Knight by 2 rounds – frustratingly for him was scored a draw.






#DivideAndConquer Preview by Paul Ready


Divide & Conquer

Matchroom return to Hull for their first show of 2015. In a definitive night prior to the “civil war” showdown in the summer – headline acts Tommy Coyle and Luke Campbell are both in action.



Boom Boom (20-2: 9KO’s) brimming with confidence after his stunning 2nd round KO of Michael Katisdis in October – faces Gethin (25-6: 11KO’s) in his final hurdle before facing Campbell.

Coyle told IFLTV yesterday that he believes Gethin is a tougher opponent than Campbell – and if he could he’d fight him on Saturday instead. Gethin has won the British title twice and lost to Ammeth Diaz in an IBF title final eliminator – so his experience exceeds Coyle’s to date.

25 yr old Coyle is the first to admit that whilst he will never be technically the most gifted boxer – he compensates that with his heart and pure passion for a “tear-up”. Tommy Coyle doesn’t do dull fights and I don’t expect Saturday to be any different.

What I like about Boom Boom is the average man in the street can relate to him – he’s down to earth, grateful to be doing a profession that he adores and you wouldn’t begrudge him the chance one day to get a crack at a world title.

I fancy a 10th round stoppage for Coyle – but wouldn’t be shocked if both men see the canvas in the process.



Cool Hand (9-0: 7KO’s) made an emotional decision to return to this card – despite the terminal illness of his father, which he should be given all the credit in the world for. After much soul-searching and consulting with his family, Campbell took the brave decision to fight this Saturday.

Campbell in my eyes has received some unjust criticism this week for his career stagnating and “wasting” a year chasing the Tommy Coyle fight. Many citing fellow 2012 Olympians Felix Verdejo, Vasyl Lomachenko and even Anthony Joshua have progressed quicker since turning professional.  The 27 yr old has taken two periods of absence from boxing for personal reasons and unless you are in the situation yourself – you can’t understand what effect it has had on him.

The fight with Coyle I feel is one that has to happen this summer, as Campbell will be “fast-tracked” towards title shots by the end of 2015 – early 2016. I’d expect him to contest for the British title at some stage before he ascends up a governing body’s rankings.

Nicaraguan Morales (11-1: 4KO’s) fights for the first time in his career outside his home country – and I expect Campbell to stop him within the distance.



This is the one I am really looking forward to – a genuine 50/50 encounter. Eggington (13-2: 7KO’s) has had a whirl-wind few months since his impressive stoppage victory over Denton Vassell in September.

The 21 yr old officially signed with Matchroom in October and then it was announced boxing will be returning to Birmingham in May – with Eggington a headline act.

“This is a massive fight for me,” said Eggington. “Shayne has a title that can open doors for me if I can take it off him. He’s unbeaten but I am very confident that I’ll take his belt. It’s great to have the two fights mapped out for me, if I can beat Shayne then I am sure that the fight in Birmingham on May 9 will be a big one and that’s a massive incentive. I want to put on a great show in Birmingham because that’s my first big hometown show so I want to really impress the fans.

Standing in his way is undefeated Shayne “The Pain” Singleton (20-0: 6KO’s) and the opportunity to win the WBC International Silver Welter title makes the bout even more lucrative for the victor.

I’ve got an Eggington victory by way of a decision.




Rocky Fielding (19-0: 11KO’s) makes his return to the ring on Saturday evening – after 9 months out with a hand injury.

The 27 yr old’s last outing was against Noe Gonzalez last summer and the Liverpudlian is desperate to make up for lost time.

The BBBoC have ordered Fielding to face Paul Smith Jnr for the British Super-Middle title – with purse bids due on 11th March. Bizarrely this was announced recently in fight-week of Smith Jr’s rematch against Arthur Abraham – much to the dismay of champion Smith Jr.

Will Paul Smith face Fielding after he has demonstrated he can mix it at world level? I have my reservations – but I can’t see him vacating unless he is offered another big fight.

Smith v Fielding has the makings of a huge fight in Liverpool and one many would love to see.

Watch this space on that.

Fielding is also boxing on 11th April in Leeds as he looks to quickly get back in his groove and remove any “ring-rust”.


The rest of the card comprises of Light- Middleweight Tom Knight facing Erick Ochieng, Bradley Saunders and “The Beast” Gamal Yafai both fighting in separate six round contests.

All the action will be broadcast live on SkySports 1 on Saturday evening from 7.30pm.






#AbrahamSmith2 #GolovkinMurray Previews by Paul Ready


So here we are – the first trailblazing weekend of 2015 is virtually upon us.

Two Brits, two separate world-title challenges – buckle up as they are about to get busy!

I did debate putting two separate posts out for each review, but in such a saturated environment I decided to amalgamate two-into-one.


Arthur Abraham v Paul Smith Jr – 2 – WBO Super-Middle Title

The wide points victory of “King Arthur” last time round was outrageous.

One of the judges had it 11-1 to Abraham, the other two had it 9-3 which left everyone – myself included flabbergasted.

It was a very close fight, I had it 114-114 a draw and did anticipate the Real Gone Kid to lose on points – with the judges leaning towards the home-fighter.

Hats off to Abraham, he agreed to the rematch – which he didn’t have to do, and on Sunday morning will it be a decision he will live rue?

Smith (35-4: 20KO’s) is buoyant and in a confident mood at his chances:

“He’s saying that I won’t hear the final bell and I’m banking on it myself if I’m honest with you. I don’t want to hear the final bell. I believe I can get him out of there. Smith told SkySports.

“I think he’s old and showing his age and I believe I’ve learnt a hell of a lot from the last fight. There is a lot more I can do from the last fight which I’ve learnt from and I’ve picked up on.

“I’ll be surprised if he’s even watched the last fight. He’s a three-time world champion – it’s not something that he will worry about.

“It’s alright him saying he’s going to knock me out. He said it the last time. He couldn’t do it last time and he won’t do it this time.”

Can Smigga knock-out the German? I would have to say it’s unlikely as the 34 yr old champion has only been stopped once before – by Robert Stieglitz back on 2013.

How can and in my opinion will he win?


The 32 yr old Liverpudlian needs to out-work and out-hustle the champion. In stages in the first fight, Smith looked like a seasoned title-challenger. The way he took the centre of the ring, was aggressive and applied pressure left me very impressed.

It’s surreal looking back that it was in fact his first world-title shot.

It won’t be an easy nights work for Paul – he will need to be switched on through-out but he can and I genuinely believe will emerge victorious. With Joe Gallagher in his corner, you have confidence that the game-plan devised will be meticulous and leave no-stone-unturned.

Verdict: Smith points victory by 2 rounds.


Gennady Golovkin v Martin Murray – WBA Super, Interim WBC Silver Middleweight titles


It has been well documented that this is Good Boy’s toughest test to date.

32 yr old Murray (29-1-1: 12 KO’s) is a former two-time world title challenger – drawing with Felix Sturm and losing controversially to Sergio Martinez (who he floored) in Argentina on points.

In both contests there is a valid argument that Murray “beat” both men.

The St Helens native is a legitimate top ten 160lb contender and one who Golovkin (31-0: 28 KO’s) won’t take lightly.

Whilst Murray is naturally the bigger man – he is a huge Middleweight, I do feel that his style is tailor-made for GGG.

Murray technically won’t be able to out-box nor display crisp movement to evade Golovkin’s bombs when unleashed – so he has to meet him in the centre of the ring and fight fire with fire.

I would love to see Murray put Good Boy under immediate duress when the bell sounds, the element of surprise could be absolutely crucial. The danger naturally of doing that to such a ferocious boxer-puncher is the fight could be over within two rounds. The shoot-out approach will win him plenty of plaudits, even in the expected event that he gets stopped.

Plan B for Murray which is less risky – would be to physically impose himself on GGG, make his size count. Perhaps tie the champion up in the clinch, lots of leaning – try to sap the life out of him – which effectively is survival mode!

Whilst I admire Murray’s lack of fear towards Golovkin, it’s very difficult to not see another brutal KO for the champion.


Verdict: Golovkin 5th-6th round KO. 





#AbrahamSmith #BellewCleverly2 by Paul Ready


Arthur Abraham v Paul Smith

Let’s focus on the positives firstly; Smith in his maiden title-shot put in his career-best performance to date.
He turned up to fight and put “King Arthur” under pressure through-out.

I had “Real Gone Kid” winning by a round, but it was tight. Tight as a duck’s arse in a sandstorm tight.

I did feel that he would need to do something spectacular to win on points, but I never expected the scoring to be so wide. How one judge can score it 11 rounds to 1 in favour for Abraham is beyond me.

I hope the WBO does the decent thing and installs Smith as the mandatory challenger.

But the elephant in the room within the sport of boxing continues to be judge’s scoring. When you travel abroad and you are the away fighter unfortunately you have to expect some favouritism to the home fighter. The Ricky Burns v Raymund Beltran verdict a recent example of this.

However, I think we need to see more decisions reviewed and if the governing bodies feel the scores are incorrect, judges need to be penalised accordingly.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Smith, 31, on a fine performance. I hope that he is not
too disheartened as he will be back stronger from this set-back.

Bellew v Cleverly 2

Confirmation arrived today that the date of 22nd November will be when we have the eagerly awaited rematch between these two.

Let’s hope both men have actually signed the contract!

3 years have passed since they last fought; with Cleverly being the victor.

What I love about this rematch is the pair of them absolutely despise one other – Bellew’s distain for the Welshman is as venomous as any snake-bite in the outback.

With both men now signed with Matchroom and operating at Cruiserweight, the build-up is guaranteed to be full of fireworks.

With a 2 city promotional tour taking place this week in both Liverpool and Cardiff in the same day; which man will be able keep their cool?

I’m going to stick my neck out now and back Cleverly to win via stoppage. I feel the Welshman is the better boxer and looks a beast at the weight.

It would be foolish to underestimate the power the Bomber possesses but I fancy Cleverly to be the stronger of the two down the stretch.

The 27 yr old former WBO Light-Heavy champion appears to be able to control his feelings more than the 31 yr old Liverpudlian.
It is one of Bellew’s biggest traits his passion for the sport, but equally it is an Achilles heel.

If he allows emotion to get the better of him in the build-up; it will give Cleverly a clear psychological advantage before either steps through the ropes.

With no news yet on who the supporting acts are, one man who won’t be featuring is Rocky Fielding currently nursing an injury.

This is a huge shame as an all Liverpool bout with Callum Smith would have been a fantastic compliment to the main event.

Callum will be fighting in Leeds this weekend and tune in later this week for my pre-fight analysis of the card.

We look forward to Ricky Burns making his bow at 140lbs; in addition to Josh Warrington and Brian Rose making his comeback since his defeat to Demetrius Andrade.