Campbell… GGG the real deal? Mikey Garcia & Donaire…. By Paul Ready



This time last week I was in a seriously dark place in Amsterdam. I think the less said the better.

But we done Amsterdam justice and indulged in all manner of things banned from these shores.


One of the highlight’s of the trip that I can speak about was a mate of turning up about half hour before we are due to board, dressed in fancy dress as a priest, no trousers underneath, pissed as a fart after coming straight from a night out.  We flew on 1st November, he went to Hip Hop karaoke in London on Halloween and sang Coolio – Gangsters Paradise.

Rarely am I lost for words, but that was one of those moments.

Proper chap.

After a busy week at work and trying to feel “normal”, this post is a tad delayed. I did manage to watch the card in Hull last weekend so lets discuss Luke Campbell’s performance:

Campbell v Connelly

Luke Campbell (3-0: 3KO’s) stopped Lee Connolly (2-6: 1KO) in the 5th round of a Lightweight contest in Hull last Saturday.

3rd fight for Campbell and he actually got 5 rounds in the bag, previous 2 outings he stopped them both in 1st. Connolly was pretty tough, took some punishment and frustrated Campbell as he absorbed punches.

Connolly did tickle me with his goading to Campbell when hit. Face liked a sand blasted tomato, laughed at Campbell and shook his head as to say “that all you got?”. Which, credit to Campbell only made him more determined to let the hands go and pepper him like fine Steak.


Campbell reminds me of Amir Khan with the lightening hand speed, he is probably a more accurate puncher. Let’s hope he has a better chin!

What he needed was some rounds, and he got that. The key to the development of any young fighter is rounds in the bank. Within that you gain experience of  all manner of ring craft, “dirty tactics”, low blows, fighters who lean on you, impose their weight to sap your energy. Bernard Hopkins for example, has made a career out of it.

Campbell has a good frame for that weight class, big upper body so he will certainly hold his own in an exciting domestic weight class. The key now is to continue to test him against durable opponents who are going to take him 8. 10 rounds and even the distance. Test his stamina, challenge his mentality. Can he take a punch? All questions that he will have to answer.

Already we had Tommy Coyle, 24 yrs old (17-2: 7KO’s) who had a 7th round stoppage against John Simpson on the same card, suggest he would like to fight Campbell at some point down the line, then go for a beer after.

Hull v Hull. That could be a huge fight in 12-18mths.

The future fight I want to see within 3 yrs is Campbell v Lomachenko for the Undisputed Lightweight Champion.

Three Olympic Gold Medals between them.

In Vegas.

I’m wet.

On the same night we had the man of the moment WBA & IBO Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin (28-0: 25 KO’s) against Curtis Stevens (25-4: 18 KO’s) in Madison Square Garden.

Golovkin the monster puncher who disposes of his opposition like a you would a used condom.

Stevens was retired in the 8th round by his corner. the knockdown punch in the 2nd was textbook. Flattened by a left hook, Stevens’ face was a picture:

To be fair to Stevens, he did trouble GGG with a few big shots, and showed that maybe a quicker counter puncher might give him trouble. What it hammered home was you simply cannot stand there and trade with him. Like we didn’t know that already!

He softened him up with the jab, threw some big combos until he was pulled out by his corner in the 8th.

This was GGG 15th straight KO in 15 fights, 89% KO record I read somewhere, and you genuinely would worry for anyone in the Middleweight division sharing the ring with him.


Sergio Martinez, Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin, Darren Barker, Martin Murray, will all taste defeat in my opinion.

Murray, was announced as the next opponent in Monte Carlo on 1st Feb. Murray has to come through an unnamed opponent on the Froch v Groves bill. I wish you luck Mr Murray.

Froch v GGG would be a mouth watering match up, I genuinely believe Golovkin would stop Froch, he has more gears than the Cobra.

Only two boxers in the world could beat Golvokin, Floyd, (who is far too small at 147) and Andre Ward should GGG step up to 168lbs.

Ward’s style is all wrong for Golovkin, slick counter puncher would prove to be elusive in that match up, for me scoring a close split decision.

Tonight we have Mikey Garcia (32-0: 27 KO’s) v Roman Martinez (27-1-2: 16 KO’s) in a WBO Super Featherweight match up in Texas.

Garcia, was mentioned by myself as a future top 10 P4P fighter, an impressive stoppage tonight will put him firmly knocking at the door.

On the same card, Super Bantamweight Nonito Donaire (31-2: 20 KO’s) v Vic Darchinyan (39-5: 28 KO’s). Donaire’s 1st fight since a loss earlier this year against division King Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Scott Quigg and Carl Frampton will be watching that with vested interest no doubt.

Check out my 1st article for Pro Boxing Fans, currently working on my 2nd as we speak!


Short and sweet this week from me.

Tune in early this week for my review on the above fights and a look ahead to Prizefighter next weekend.