#GolovkinMurray Review by Paul Ready


Gennady Golovkin v Martin Murray

Golovkin – wow!

Seems to be the general consensus – and I’m not talking about that outrageous robe he wears to the ring – velvet Versace surely!?

What a performance.

He was spiteful as he was accurate.

What was impressive about Golovkin?


His movement & footwork is ridiculous. We’ve seen him cut-the-ring-off and stalk his prey before going for the kill, but this was truly a devastating performance. Huge credit must be given to trainer Abel Sanchez who has transformed the 32 yr old from an upright conservative puncher – (similar to the Klitschko’s) to the aggressive-puncher-boxer you see before you.

“Gennady has a completely different style than when he first came to me,” Sanchez said. “We’ve been able to modify it and convert it into a fan-friendly style. If I’d have kept him how he was – the best way to describe it is that he came over here boxing like a Klitschko – we wouldn’t be talking now.

“I was able to make a dramatic change, but I had to have a fighter who was willing to make that change with me. All of my guys fight similar styles, but they’re similar because we feel, well, I feel, they need to entertain.”

Abel Sanchez has developed his own DNA, inspired by the Ingle Gym in Sheffield – Sanchez made reference to the Ingle’s in his Big Bear Lake gym, shown on a recent video by Behind The Gloves.

Good Boy’s chin was tested on various occasions and he simply looked at Murray shrugging his shoulders – before continuing to break him down further.

Murray started well trading shots with GGG – before he was dissected and opened up. I feared for Murray in the 3rd as he was caught late but the bell sounded in-time to save him.

Two knock-downs ensued in the 4th – first a delayed reaction to a body-shot and the other a brutal uppercut – the end appeared nigh.

But credit to the 32 yr old Murray for surviving so long – he met the canvas again in the 10th after he was caught on the temple. He managed somehow to see the end of the round but you felt the “Big Drama Show” was coming to a conclusion.

In the 11th referee Luis Pabon had seen enough when a vicious combo was unleashed, he intervened and halted the contest.

Martin Murray put up a valiant effort and despite losing – he has won plenty of plaudits for his performance. He shouldn’t be too disheartened, he was beaten in my opinion by the most complete boxer in the world – Murray can secure a big fight off the back of this.

Golovkin, he wants WBC champion Miguel Cotto next – which is a fight I understand has to happen, but as a Cotto fan I would find it hard to watch him get completely butchered. Whether Cotto will “step-up” or vacate however is another question.

The winners of David Lemieux v Hassan N’Dam (IBF) and Andy Lee v Peter Quillin (WBO) will be on his hit-list for the remainder of 2015 – before a move up to 168lbs next year.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Andre Ward both took to Twitter on Saturday with digs at GGG.

Chavez Jr tweeted:

“Without his power he’s not that good of a boxer. I’ll bet you GGG a million dollars of the purse that I’ll knock you out if we fight. Come to my weight class GGG.”

Ward tweeted at the start of the fight:

“About to enjoy this good nap”

Now Chavez Jr famously “ducked” Golovkin last summer when the opportunity to fight presented itself, Golovkin’s trainer responded by saying that Chavez needs to call promoter Tom Loeffler to get the fight made as they are ready for June.

31 yr old Ward who is referred to in some quarters as “Son of Inactivity” will certainly be up for facing Golovkin at some stage – it’s a fight I expect to see in 2016. I’ve always felt that Ward would pose threats to Golovkin that would see the Olympic Gold Medalist victorious – however with his prolonged absence and the rapid development of GGG – this has made me seriously reconsider.

Whoever is next will have an insurmountable task of not becoming the 20th consecutive KO.

They all as it seems are destined become “Good Boy’s” in the end.






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