@LeeSelby126 Exclusive Interview by Paul Ready


Lee – thanks for giving me some of your time.

Firstly want to congratulation you on the birth of your daughter – welcome to the club! How is father-hood treating you so far and how has it changed you?

I’ve taken to it quite naturally. It’s really nice. I’m much more hungry now and as I’ve got two mouths to feed. I want to give her the best life possible – all the luxuries I unfortunately didn’t have as a child. She will have the best life possible.

How is the new gym in Bristol, what’s it like compared to Empire? (Which has recently closed)

The new gym is great, it’s much more modern. I do miss the old one with all the memories. If I’m honest it doesn’t feel like a boxing gym just yet – it doesn’t have a smell of old one, but give it time and it will. I was actually down there today sparring today against Lee Haskins.

What song have you had on repeat for your camp?

There is one song on repeat in my car that I can’t remember – that’s going to bug me now!

Juicy by Biggie Smalls is one I regularly have on repeat.

What do you expect from Gradovich and how do you see the fight going?

I went out Omaha and watched his last fight. Similar to Brunker, he’s a come forward and aggressive fighter – technically much better than Brunker.

Gradovich is an established fighter and champion with 4 defences of his IBF title. But he doesn’t have super speed, nor is a concussive puncher.

I see the fight going the same way as the Brunker one – I’ll break him down and stop him late!


How highly do you rate Robert Garcia as a coach?

Garcia is one of the best coaches in the world and has a great stable. I always watch Ellie Seckbach’s videos in his gym.  Gradovich spars top guys regularly but Robert doesn’t get in the ring for him.

I hope they underestimate me as I will shock them big time. I’ve gone out to LA, had no respect before I sparred guys. After I got in there and beat them up, they are all raving about me wanting pictures.

This will be the same.


How long until we get an official announcement of when you will fight Gradovich for IBF?

Negotiations were due up last Saturday. There has been a 7 day extension applied by Top Rank & Matchroom. I should know by this Saturday.

I know as much as you do!

I’ve heard of rumours of O2 end of April, Cardiff, America or even Russia.

A ring is a ring at the end of the day,  if I have to go to Russia, i’ll be even more determined to get a stoppage – as if it’s close they would favour Gradovich.


Lee, final question – do you have any words for your loyal supporters?


I want to thank all my fans for the constant support. You guys have backed me from day one. I’m going to take my chance where ever it ends up being and do it for you.


Thanks for your time Lee, look forward to catching up again soon.


Cheers Paul, anytime mate.






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