@EddieHearn on Mitchell, Ryder, Joshua and Al Haymon meeting by Paul Ready


Elite Boxing:

Another big card on the horizon early next year.

Start with Kevin Mitchell firstly – Estrada v Figueroa was a good fight so what can we expect when Kevin faces Estrada?


Eddie Hearn:

Figueroa won most rounds don’t get me wrong, one round Estrada hurt him. Figueroa is a quality fighter.

It’s a perfect fight for Kevin, I’m so disappointed that he didn’t get the IBF title shot – that’s his mistake (Mitchell was over the check-weight limit on the day of the fight) that he has to live with. I think he would have beaten Miquel Vazquez too.

But now we look at Estrada, win that get the silver title and they should make that a Final Eliminator next week at the WBC convention when we lobby it – I think he will get it.

Kevin is ranked 4/5 Estrada is 4/5 it’s a natural fight and a really good fight.



John Ryder looks set for the Heiland fight….



They like the fight as it doesn’t look like they will get the WBC Final Eliminator so I’ve suggested for them to come over and fight John.

John and Tony are both looking really to fight anyone which is really refreshing. I don’t think there is one Middleweight I could suggest that they would say no to.

I just think with Heiland for the victory over Macklin and his position within the WBC is absolutely perfect.



Anthony Joshua confirmed to face Kevin Johnson as the headline.

If he knocks him out after that you are looking to get him out in Newcastle next year – is Chisora or Price next, I appreciate Chisora might be tricky to make with politics.



Chisora is a good fight for him. Let’s be honest Joshua gets him out of there so quickly compared to Tyson Fury. But he’s just doing his own thing.

People talk about the Fury fight as people want to see it – in time it will be massive.

Johnson was right in the presser with this being a 10 week camp for him will suit him better. This isn’t Kevin Johnson fighting on 2 weeks notice – he will come in and have a go and it will be a great night.



What I like most about this fight is the vocal nature of Johnson towards Joshua which is something up until now he hasn’t experienced.



Exactly. That is why it’s great for Joshua as there will be times when he doesn’t know what to say back. You nearly got it in the presser when Johnson suggested making a bet on a KO.

Normally they are Eastern European who don’t even talk English! So it’s good and a perfect fight for him.



So you’ve been out in LA recently meeting Al Haymon – what is he actually like?

I had visions of him sat down with the Watson brothers fanning him with a giant feather and Sam Watson feeding him grapes.



He’s great. We had a couple of hours together and it was fascinating – the landscape over there is changing all the time.

We were talking about Froch v Chavez Jr, Brook v Khan, talking about us doing stuff in America – it was a general chit chat really that was great.

It’s obviously a huge market over there.



I’m sure he pays close attention to what you are doing over here and the size of the crowds etc.



He knows exactly what is going on over here as well so there is plenty of stuff for us to do together.



Do you think Brook v Khan could be strengthened by Canelo Alvarez moving to HBO and publicly declaring he wants to fight in May & September on the two big Mexican dates. Which could nullify the interest in Mayweather v Khan on ShowTime.

For Mayweather it is either Pacquiao or he gets hammered on PPV by HBO.



Yeah definitely. If Khan doesn’t get Mayweather then he has to fight Kell Brook. I don’t believe he will get Mayweather. Simple as that.

We will see. We will be out there on the 13th December (Khan v Alexander) if he gets the win it’s great for Khan to be back on Sky and hopefully we can make Brook v Khan fight for May or June.



Would you consider taking Joshua over to Las Vegas to box on the Froch v Chavez Jr undercard?


Yeah definitely. He is going to box as much as possible. As long as his body holds up he will be out all the time.



Finally I wanted to mention Callum Smith. I know people moaned about that performance as he didn’t stop him but it was a great 12 rounds in the bank.


Exactly. He was a tough guy who Callum nearly stopped mid-way through. It was a great learning fight and he will move on to a Final Eliminator in the summer.

The WBC have taken him under his wing and the fights will be bubbling away early 2015 – they are looking to move him forward.


I would back Callum against Groves should they meet.


100% especially at the moment with Groves’ recent performances.






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