@tornadotyler Interview by Paul Ready #CapitalPunishment


Elite Boxing:

Tyler – firstly I just want to congratulate you on a great few months for you.

You won the English Title and then signed with Matchroom. Next step now is an International title, what do you expect from John Wayne Hibbert?

Tyler Goodjohn:

To be honest the belt itself is an added bonus. For the past few months Hibbert has had a bit too much to say for himself really.

I was in Egypt just after my last fight and I text Peter (Sims) and said “Let’s make this fight”.


It’s become a bit personal with you both now. You are a wanted man now in the division, with various people taking pot shots at you.

How do you see the fight with Hibbert differing from the (Ricky) Boylan one?


I don’t think he is anymore the athlete than Boylan is. Ricky is a fit guy and was there for ten hard rounds. I don’t think Hibbert has that pace in him – he’s 30 yrs old, this is last chance saloon for him.

That being said I expect him to put everything in to the training camp for the night – but it’s not going to be enough.

If he wants to have a fight, a boxing match, a brawl – whatever he wants to have I’ll beat him. I 100% expect the best John Wayne Hibbert to turn up.


It’s a great division as we have mentioned before and with the addition of Bradley Saunders to the stable recently it makes for some big fights.


As you say it is a great division. Me and Ricky Boylan spoke before the press conference and in the South of England there are some huge fights that can happen at the O2. I love that place.

I won’t overlook this fight but once I get it out-of-the-way I want to go for the British title.

When I turned pro at 18/19 that was the aim & goal. If I can do that at 24/25 that would be outrageous really!

I’ve never been the type of guy to sit there and say I’m definitely going to be world champion to be a British champion would be a dream come true.


I was fortunate enough to have been there at the 02 in October and saw the Fen Army out in full force. Can we expect much of the same next time?


Yeah if anything I expect more to be there! I had about 250 come down, Boylan had 450-500 – mine completely swamped Ricky’s fans for noise.


Finally Tyler, with Christmas it must be interesting for a boxer as you can’t overindulge with a fight 8 weeks away. What are your plans for the festive period?


I will be spending time with my girlfriend and that – I’ve already got it in my head that it is just another day. There will be a few presents and that but Pete will have me back in the gym Boxing Day and I will go for a run on Christmas Day.


Tyler if I don’t see you I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2014 has ended really well for you and I’m sure 2015 will enable you to kick on.


Thanks mate, you too!






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