Wadi Camacho releases statement @teamwadicamacho



I have purposely stayed away from responding on any social media platform over the last 48 hours, and now after speaking to my manager and trainer  feel the time is appropriate to put forward my grievances surrounding the  outcome of my fight against Craig Kennedy on Friday 24th In Merthyr Tydfil.


The fight was stopped in the second round by the referee who deemed me to have bitten Craig Kennedy. As anyone who has previously boxed me knows I have a tendency to place my chin in the opponents shoulder and neck whilst leaning on him and it could at times look like I am biting the opponent. At no time did I bite Craig and furthermore, this is not the sort of behaviour that, either myself, or anyone associated with my career would tolerate.


I will be appealing against the disqualification to the BBB of C in the hope that the decision can be over turned . The referee of the fight Martin Williams quite clearly made a mistake and if the BBB of C can produce any video footage or physical evidence of me biting Craig, as opposed to me placing my chin in his neck region, I am willing to accept my punishment. Furthermore, after listening to Craig’s interview after the fight I would like to take him up on his offer of a return bout so that the fans can finally get what they deserve which will be a great contest between two of the Cruiserweight divisions best up and coming boxers. Anyone who witnessed the fight, either live from the venue or by the live transmission on Eurosport, will realise that the fight was shaping up to be a great contest, one that any promoter in the country would have liked to have staged and I was more than happy with my performance and was very confident that I would win the fight.


I would like to thank the promoter, Chris Sanigar, for giving me the opportunity to fight on his show and I would also like to apologise to the Welsh Fans who were denied the chance to see a great fight due to the unexpected decision from the referee to step in and stop the contest in the second round.


I am looking forward to returning to the gym on Tuesday with my trainer, Peter Sims, in anticipation for my next contest.


This will be the only statement that I will be issuing regarding this incident.


Yours sincerely


Wadi Camacho


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