How good is Good Boy? By Paul Ready @gggboxing @TomLoeffler1 #MexicanStyle


Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin added another victim to his 18 consecutive KO list. One of the G’s should stand for the Grim Reaper as whenever he steps through the ropes the opposition see black.

Through no fault of his own “Good Boy” has yet to face an elite fighter in the 160lb division. Fear of being battered by the meteorite hitting Kazak the sole reason – and who can blame them.

This guy is good; scary good but is he the best fighter on the planet at 154-168lbs?

This is a hotly discussed subject with the majority agreeing with this statement.

Marco Antonio Rubio (59-7: 51 KO’s) was a man with a reputation of being able to punch but that was put firmly to shame by Golovkin. Not to dilute this stunning performance but Rubio isn’t a top 10 160lb fighter.

Rubio briefly complained the knockout punch was illegal, although television replays clearly contradicted him

A corkscrew left to the forehead in the 2nd round drilled the Mexican to the canvas who took an 8 count but was waved off by the referee. It was evident after the first few exchanges that Rubio didn’t fancy his chances of causing an upset at the sold-out Stub-Hub Arena in Carson, California.

The ongoing problem for Golvokin (31-0: 28KO’s) and his team is the need to pay over the odds to get an elite fighter to face him. Winning the WBC Interim title was an inspired chess-move as he is now mandatory challenger for Miguel Cotto.

The 32 yr old has proved beyond doubt that no contender in the world can live with his power beyond the first few rounds.

Is there any man out there who can halt this meteorite landing and wiping out the world?

Golovkin is for me P4P the most concussive puncher in world boxing – in any weight-class. That is not up for debate; it’s a fact.

I like most was very impressed with him the weekend. The guy can not only bang, but he can box and is improving rapidly. His footwork and the manner in which he cuts the ring-off cornering his prey is one of his strongest assets.

I’ve been a huge Miguel Cotto fan for years and I am one of Canelo Alvarez’ but neither man gets near him for me. The only man I can see beating Triple G within 154-168lbs is Andre “Son of God” Ward.

I exchanged tweets & texts with fans and fighters yesterday and it appears I am in the minority with that sentiment!

I can see Ward beating Golovkin only if he adopts spoiler tactics – and gets VERY lucky. Ward would have to box in a similar fashion as he did against Carl Froch – utilising his stinging jab, hooks, plenty of lateral movement. Son Of God would have to box on the back-foot as he would struggle to bully Golovkin – despite the clear weight-advantage he would possess.

If Ward gets clipped by a Golovkin uppercut he would meet the canvas.

Can he keep Good Boy at bay for 12 rounds?

It would be some feat if so. But he is the only man I can see with a chance of defeating him.

Tom Loeffler of K2 promotions who represents Triple G spoke to about his next opponents:

“There’s nobody at 160 pounds that can go 12 rounds with Gennady,” “A Chavez Jr fight is a pay-per-view fight. Canelo is definitely a pay-per-view fight. A Cotto fight is a pay-per-view fight. Carl Froch in the UK is a big name. We would fight him. Gennady would have no problems fighting Carl Froch at 168 in the UK. Mikkel Kessler, he’s another guy at 168. There are so many options now, especially with HBO’s support. It will definitely be wide open in 2015.”

Carl Froch won’t fight Golovkin even if it is HBO PPV; as it is a high-risk, low reward fight for a man in the Winter of his career. It pains me to type that as that would be a modern day Gatti v Ward contest.

The Cobra a man who shy’s away from no-one in his heart of hearts would know his chances of beating him would be slim.

Chavez Jr is a Unicorn, a mythical creature that is never seen. He declined the opportunity of facing Golovkin in the summer and I doubt he will be rushing to face him now.

A fight in Monte Carlo against a top 10 fighter early 2015 was discussed post-fight by Loeffler as the next move. Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto are due to square-off on Cinco De Mayo next year. The winner surely has to face Good Boy late 2015.

The opposition are running out of excuses and as his popularity grows on the West Coast so will the HBO bucket of cash. The Staples Arena in Los Angeles will no doubt host his next fight there.

So how good is Good Boy?

VERY fucking Good!




2 thoughts on “How good is Good Boy? By Paul Ready @gggboxing @TomLoeffler1 #MexicanStyle

  1. Tommy Murphy

    I’m tired of both fans and critics hailing Golovkins next opponent as his stiffest test, then when he goes out and blasts them they are bums! You claim Rubio isn’t a top 10 middleweight yet don’t elaborate instead you jump straight to the Super middleweights, I’m not claiming that Rubio is a world beater and he certainly looked for a way out after being dropped, but he is a mid to lower top 10 MW.

    I’m a fan of Golovkin and this is a good article but you need to clarify who you consider top 10 if you dismiss Rubio who’s near all boxing writers consider in the top 10

    • Firstly thanks for reading pal. Appreciate the constructive criticism and compliment too. In relation to your point, I would have the following ahead of Rubio; Cotto, Martinez, Quillin, Soliman, Jacobs, Taylor, Sturm, Murray, Korobov.
      You could argue that perhaps he is top 10 just but the point I was alluding to in the article was that I’m not knocking his opposition, but we have yet to see him dismantle an elite fighter. Contender wise he has disposed of them all with ease. You will have to travel far to find a bigger fan of his than myself but that is the only thing you can say against him.
      Do you think he beats Ward?

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