Who will be the first to discover the Haymon Matrix?


2014 some 15 years after the release of the hit movie starring Keanu Reeves; boxing it appears has it’s own version of The Matrix.

The mysterious and somewhat allusive figure of Al Haymon has created a fictitious world which his fighters operate in.

A man who let’s face it suffers from a clear social anxiety order is the most talked about person in the sport.
Very rarely do we see a video interview on YouTube with an American based fighter who doesn’t mention him.

Why does he have such an iron grip on the sport?

I could fill the rest of this post with who he represents, what is most concerning for me is – what is the end goal?


Of course that must have a significant importance on his agenda. We all get up in the morning and commute somewhere for the exchange of crisp currency for service.

But he was already a wealthy man before boxing; culminating a treasure chest of booty from representing some of the largest American artists in history.

The biggest concern for me is the fear his fighters have in calling anyone out.

Why the reluctance?

Do you get penalised?

Whatever happened to YOLO?

It’s a short, tough career, surely you want to create your own legacy?

Recently we’ve seen 140lb champion Danny Garcia slaughtered for his fight against Rod Salka, a man who greatest respect should have been a sparring partner. Last week Adrien Broner beat Emmanuel Taylor as expected, post-fight when quizzed who he wants next the response was surprisingly scripted for him:

My next opponent SHOULD be Lucas Matthysse”

Not “would like” or “I want”, it was “should”!

What ever happened to fighters calling fighters out?

The best wanting to fight the best?

Bernard Hopkins has spoken out about this recently, and thus prompted him to take the Sergey Kovalev fight. Huge respect to him.

It desperately needs to change as it’s becoming a cancer for our sport.

This Saturday see’s his prize-stable-stud Floyd Mayweather Jr face Marcos Maidana in a rematch of their earlier encounter this year. The undercard is the poorest I’ve seen for sometime.

I’m a huge Floyd fan but if I was living in America, I would struggle to justify the $75 fee based on the supporting cast of Mayhem.

Leo Santa Cruz the WBC Super-Bantamweight champion has stated numerous times that he wants newly crowned IBF Champion Carl Frampton, or WBA regular Champion Scott Quigg.

What happens when representatives of each camp get in touch? They get excuses as to why it can’t happen.

An “0” on your record means fuck all if you haven’t fought the best in your division. I’m sorry, but that’s how it is.

It brings me back to my initial point of this article; we need a Haymon fighter to break free from The Matrix and my money is on Keith Thurman.

One Time is challenging the almighty hierarchy and you get the feeling he is beginning to question what he is being fed.

He one of few calling out people; he wants Top Rank fighters, he wants Broner, Khan and I admire the bollocks on this guy.

It is only a matter of time before he is either banished in exile for desecrating his cherry-picking-path or he walks on his own accord.

So Keith, do you take the blue pill or the red one?






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