@RickyBoylan1 Interview.. #MomentOfTruth by Paul Ready


Elite Boxing:

Here with Ricky Boylan post-press conference, you and I spoke at the Matchroom BBQ it has been a frustrating time for yourself injury-wise of late. You’ve got a couple of fights now back-to-back lined up, how do you feel?


Ricky Boylan:

Definitely! I’m on the George Groves under-card on the 20th September at Wembley Arena, just a 6-rounder to get a few rounds under my belt as i’ve been out for a while. Then I have 11th October against Tyler (Goodjohn).



The Light-Welter division domestically is thriving. It’s full of young fighters at a similar level, all vying to make that step-up to English, British title and hopefully beyond.

On this card we have some of those in the mix, talk me through where you feel you are currently in the division?



To be fair the top 10 of the Light-Welterweights in Britain is brilliant. As you said we’ve all got similar experience, similar fights and we’re all going to be competing against one another in the next 6 months.

I’ve got Tyler Goodjohn next for the English, I’ll get him out the way. Then John Wayne Hibbert next, defend against him then I think Tommy Martin is in an eliminator for the English so I’m not too sure what will happen then.

I think I’m two or three fights away from fighting for the British, providing of course that I come through the 11th October. I’m looking forward to it, there is going to be some great fights ahead.



I agree. The recent Hull card that has been announced has some cracking fights on it, personally I think this one is better.

Your fight with Tyler, John Ryder’s fight, Anthony Joshua fighting for his first title and Lee Selby v Joel Brunker.

What I like almost as much as the contest itself between you and Tyler is the large fan-bases you both have.



My fight with Tyler has go SO much attention; from people that to be fair don’t normally come to my tickets. I’m getting orders for £10, £20 tickets here and there from random people.

I know Tyler does a lot of tickets, so it will be an amazing atmosphere on the night.



With your next fight a matter of weeks away, how has the training camp been going?



I’ve been in camp about 8 weeks ago now, I started earlier due to my injury. 3 weeks I’m on the Wembley show, then another 3 weeks I fight Tyler and I want to be out again before the end of the year.

It’s gone really well, I’ve had some great sparring with (Carl) Frampton at McGuigan’s, Johnny Garton in my gym, Ben Jones, Thomas Jarvis, George Keen. I’ve been really fortunate with who I’ve sparred against.



With Frampton fighting Kiko Martinez this Saturday for the IBF Super-Bantamweight title, how did he look to you?



He’s a bit smaller than me and to have sparred with him was great as he’s going to be a world champion. We’ve done lots of rounds together.

It raises the pace of the spar, the littler guys work quicker. I’ve sparred loads of different types of styles so it’s been great experience for me which is all good.



Thanks for your time Ricky and all the best for 20th September and of course on 11th October.



Thanks mate, appreciated.






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