#PorterBrook by Paul Ready


Kell Brook’s 28 yr wait for his career defining moment is days away.

25 months of hell ensued since his IBF Final Eliminator victory over Carson Jones; Saturday night Brook has the opportunity to finally put the demons to bed.

What effect will this emotional roller-coaster have taken out of “Special K”?

Listening to a buoyant Brook speak you would be blissfully unaware of the bad luck he has experienced. Forget the anti-Matchroom brigade’s rumours that he is a bottle job and pulled out of those fights, I don’t know Brook personally but people I respect in the industry do and they laughed off these suggestions. Fans dislike Brook because they dislike his promoter Eddie Hearn, but for me this is unjust as Hearn doesn’t get in the ring nor did he undergo 3 training camps that amounted to nothing. The current and 4th camp Brook has undergone comprised of 16 weeks gruelling fitness and regimented diet.

Every one has an view on Brook, he is a fighter who polarises opinion; none of us if we are truthful know how good he really is.

Over the past 25 months Special K has inherited many detractors in the UK who dismiss him as another hype job who will be stopped in brutal fashion in the StubHub Arena Saturday evening.


Lesser men would have packed it in by now, there are only so many kicks a man especially a fighter can take. Brook would be forgiven for believing a gypsy curse was afoot preventing him from reaching his boy-hood dream of becoming a World Champion.

Kell started boxing when he was nine, when his father brought him into the famous Ingle Gym to see if Brendan could channel his energy and natural punching power.

At the age of 12, Kell decided to follow the path and become a professional fighter.

Fast-forward 32 fights and Brook is finally pulling in to his destination and what awaits him is one of sternest tests in the 147lb division; Shawn Showtime Porter.

Does Porter warrant the favourite tag?


Resume-wise he has fought and beaten anyone better than Brook ever has faced. Porter burst on the scene by upsetting the odds beating Devon Alexander late 2013 to capture the IBF title. Followed on by a brutal destruction of veteran Paulie Malignaggi in April, Porter’s previously unseen KO power was unleashed.


Stylistically it is a match made in heaven; you have an aggressive inside fighter in Porter and a pure outside boxer who can also bang in Brook. I hope we are in store for a 10-12 round war with a late stoppage but my gut feel is it will be a frantic fight with a 6-7th round KO.

Brook needs to keep Porter at range, plenty of movement utilising the 2inch height and reach advantage he possesses. Kell needs to be mindful of Porter jumping on him in the early stages attempting to maul him with hooks & uppercuts on the ropes. The Sheffield man’s weight will be an advantage on the night, Brook will walk in the ring the bigger man after rehydrating as he is naturally built like a Middleweight.

I fancy Kell to do it, I really do. There is something in the air with this fight; an element of destiny, fate if you will. It feels like Kell’s time, it was his time 2 years ago and he isn’t past his sell-by-date yet.

You don’t begrudge your Filet Steak being 10-15 minutes late to ensure it is cooked to perfection. When it arrives and you saviour that first mouthful, you forget all about the delay by focusing on the taste.

This is Kell’s first bite to PPV super-stardom if he can do what hasn’t been done since Lloyd Honeyghan 28 years ago beating an American in their backyard and winning a World Title. The grudge-match can finally be made with Amir Khan; the biggest all British fight out there.

But Kell has to forget Khan for now, put it to the back of his mind, focus fully on Shawn Porter. He has been caught-out before with distractions outside of the ring but I believe in Kell Brook and that the 17th August 2014 UK time will be as memorable as 17th August 2013 when Darren Barker won the same red & gold IBF belt in the Middleweight division.

The wait is over Kell.

Let’s see just how Special you really are.







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