Garcia still Swift? by Paul Ready


September 14th 2013, MGM Garden Arena Las Vegas chief support for Mayweather v Canelo on The One card was Danny Garcia v Lucas Matthysse.
Swift had announced himself as the next big thing at 140lb in summer 2012 with a 4th round destruction of Amir Khan; Matthysse was his acid test.
Garcia, 26, proceeded to box beautifully; on the backfoot, hitting the Argentinian from a plethora of angles that he simply had no response to.

I was hugely impressed.

A step up to 147lbs was natural; but it didn’t happen.

I fully expected Garcia to be thrust in to super-fights; but it didn’t happen.

Instead his next outing was in March this year against relative unknown Mauricio Herrera in Puerto Rico.

The opportunity to fight in the native land of his father and ancestors proved to be romantic one.
The manner in which the fight panned out was anything but romantic; Garcia had a shocker and nearly lost.

Cries for a rematch fell on deaf ears as the 26 yr old became reticent on the subject.

I began to question where Garcia’s main focus was; had the hugely talented amateur lost his hunger to fight?

Tweets and videos emerged of The Latin Goonies rap group, which contained a cringeworthy video of Swift spitting 16 bars.

For the love of god I said to myself, don’t go down the Broner rapping route.

Coupled with business ventures of a barbershop and garage, I began to fear for Garcia.

I’m all for fighters being smart and displaying business acumen but at the age of 36, not 26 as it can be detrimental to the peak of your career.

This forthcoming Saturday Danny Garcia squares off against yet another below-par opponent in Rod Salka at the Barclays Centre, Brooklyn.

This card in particular has been slaughtered by various press outlets for the poor match-ups that have been made.
Lamont Peterson for example is on the undercard, why didn’t Danny face him?

I fear that he has too many out of the ring distractions currently, he needs to evict the clapping fan-boy closet and not allow Al Haymon to continue to cherry-pick his opponents.

Be brave, be fearless, don’t worry about losing the 0. Have a rematch with Khan, fight Broner, Thurman at 147lbs; these fights are what he should live for.

This week I saw him post a video titled: “Danny Garcia – Making of a Legend” that has been openly mocked and in the current climate it is vindicated.

Come on Danny, we all know you can box. But you can’t rap, give it up my friend.

Lace those Reyes’ up, deal with Salka in 3 rounds and start facing some of these avoided fighters again it’s all there for you… Providing you want it of course.




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