Liam Smith – Just as Beefy as his brothers…. By Paul Ready


Liam Smith could be tarred with a “forgotten man” brush as he stands alongside brother Paul, Stephen and Callum. His fights are not shown on Skysports and through no fault of his own, few casual fans would even know that he existed.

“Beefy” is the only brother who is not a Matchroom Sport promoted fighter instead working with Frank Warren; regardless, the 25 yr old is just as talented as his siblings.


The Light-Middleweight is renowned as more of a technician than a big puncher; sporting a record of 16-0 with only 6 KO’s. With a resume that includes Erick Ochieng, hard-hitting Mark Thompson and on Saturday evening at the Phones4UArena he faces Jason Welborn for the British Light-Middle title.

Viewing this fight as a springboard in to some higher-calibre opposition Smith spoke recently to the Liverpool Echo regarding his future plans:

“I am ranked by the WBO but it is the IBF route I want to go down,” Smith said. “I think I would beat Carlos Molina in my next fight.

“Styles make fights and if someone offered me that next then I would take it.

“But I was speaking to Demetrius Andrade’s (WBO champion) dad the other week in Liverpool and he said: ‘once you go through that door you can’t go back’.

“I could beat Molina but I’m then world champion and can’t avoid anyone. I am not ready for Canelo Alvarez, for example.

“I don’t want to be there just for the occasion and lose. I want to go there and win. Molina is fighting Cornelius Bundrage next and I would beat the both of them.”

 “I have been asked before, how far I am off a world title shot,” he said.

“I am only tomorrow away from that.

“How far am I off Brian Rose? I would beat him tomorrow but I am a good couple of fights off Demetrius Andrade.

“Rose went seven rounds against Andrade, who is a skillful southpaw, and I could go in there tomorrow and do a better job. But I want to go in there and win it. I’m a couple of fights off being ready for that. But I would go there now and give Andrade a great fight.”

A trait I admire in all the Smith brothers is their down to earth attitude; it would be easy to be consumed with the justified hyperbole that surrounds them, but Liam in particular appears to be relishing his progression out of the main stream limelight, but like his brothers it will only be a matter of time before the majority country are aware of them.





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