Boxing Update 25/06 by Paul Ready #HeWhoDares


England are out of the World Cup before Germany had kicked off their 2nd group game, usual football farce we have become accustomed to in Blighty but our attention turns this weekend to Glasgow for the sport that never lets you down; boxing.

Before we look at one of the biggest domestic grudge-matches outside of Froch Groves, let’s reflect on an exciting weekend of action in America:


Carson City, California

Vasyl Lomachenko (2-1: 1KO) the 2-time Olympic Gold Medallist won the vacant WBO Featherweight title in only his 3rd professional contest.

Hi-Tech is 404-2 combining his amateur and professional career which is a staggering statistic; beat Gary Russell Jr (24-1: 14KO’s) in a fight of pure technical poetry.

Both Southpaws, they displayed sublime boxing and punching capabilities that had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

The telling difference was Lomachenko who barely wasted a shot and had that extra level of ability that proved to be decisive.

New champion: Vasyl Lomachenko poses with his belt after winning the vacant WBO featherweight title

The next move for the Ukrainan will be interesting; does he look to unify the division? Will he have a few voluntary defences?

The pressure will be on his team to continue his light-speed progression but I feel a sense of calm needs to be applied and a few comfortable bouts are required.

Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero (32-2-1: 18 KO’s) made his return to the ring after a 14 month absence since he suffered a landslide defeat to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In a wild 12 round brawl against Yoshi Kamegai (24-2-1: 21KO’s) which the 31 yr old Ghost suffered a badly damaged eye in the 6th & was nearly KO’d in the 11th, he managed to win via unanimous decision.

It took everyone by surprise, Guerrero included the aggression displayed by Kamegai who fancied his chances of an upset.

In what was expected to be a routine victory, for me it made the match making against Mayweather last year even more startling.

The Ghost is no-where near elite level and he should count his blessings he wasn’t paired with Keith Thurman, Amir Khan or a Shawn Porter in his comeback fight as he would have been stopped with ease.


 Kell Brook

In a week of gossip, speculation and outright ridiculous rumours the furore surrounding Special K’s IBF title fight against Shawn Porter would not have looked out of place in a soap opera.

Apparently Brook has bottled it, he hasn’t signed the contract, Matchroom don’t want the fight was some of the mild accusations thrown in Brook’s direction.

Let’s be clear, I don’t know Kell personally but I would be shocked if any of this garbage is true.

He has been training his bollocks off this year in preparation for this fight.

Yes he has been very unlucky with injuries and circumstances leading up to this long-overdue bout but people need to give the guy a break and support him fully for this fight.

Up for it: Kell Brook has a signed a deal to fight Shawn Porter for the IBF welterweight title on August 9

It baffles me that our very own supporters would back an American over a Brit.

Do I believe Brook will beat Porter in my heart of hearts?


Unless he displays a gear which anyone has yet to see to enable him to “step-up” a level.

Will I be cheering Brook on?


He is British so I will support him and so should you, we want more world champions on our shores.

I believe the main sticking point has been an agreement on the date of the fight; originally the 9th August was agreed but for one reason or another this isn’t happening now.

Does Porter want the Mayweather fight, is this the sticking point?

I think any fighter at 147lbs is offered the chance to fight Floyd at the expense of vacating your world title in the process then it is a risk Showtime Shawn will take.

This would leave Brook to contest the IBF title in his next fight against the next highest ranked opponent.

Watch this space as hopefully things should be clearer and agreed in the next week or so.


He Who Dares, Glasgow


Matchroom Boxing return to Glasgow on Friday night in a stacked card headlined by former Light-weight World Champion Ricky Burns.

Burns (36-3: 11KO’s) is making his maiden outing as a Tony Sims trained fighter and I’m excited to see what tweaks have been made in camp.

I expect that he will throw more body-shots in this fight as it is something that has been absent from his game for some time.

Burns faces undefeated Dejan Zlaticanian (18-0: 13KO’s) for the vacant Lightweight WBC Silver title as he works up the rankings to face champion Omar Figueroa late 2014/early 2015.

Tony Sims spoke to Matchroom on Ricky and had this to say:

“It’s about the desire,” said Sims. “If that is there for Ricky after losing his World title then he can definitely come again and be World champion. He’s got plenty of hunger and he wants to prove it so he’s got a great chance to go again because he has the right attitude. Darren had to suffer a lot to get to the top but he always had it in him to achieve his World title goal and I think Ricky is made of the same stuff.

“Ricky lost the World title to Terence Crawford who is a great fighter. Ricky has taken a massive step leaving home and coming down to Essex, he knows that there is a lot of quality sparring down here for him and to put yourself in the position he has is a big ask but he has made that commitment 100 per cent and I am sure it is going to pay off. He’ll stay at Lightweight, he makes the weight well and he’s got a good standing in there.”


Chief support for this card will be the rescheduled grudge-match between Wadi “Macho-man” Camacho (12-2: 8KO’s) and Stephen Simmons (9-0: 4 KO’s) for WBC Silver Cruiserweight title.

With no love-lost between these two and a rivalry that has hallmarks of Froch Groves I am looking forward to todays press-conference almost as much as the fight itself.

Having seen & spoken to Camacho in camp, he is very relaxed about this fight, I’ve seen him spar a few times and I favour him to stop Simmon’s within 7/8 rounds.

My concern for Simmons is that he will struggle to control his anger and box, he will be constantly looking to KO Wadi and thus leaving him exposed for counter-punches.

The Scot is confident he will stop Camacho in the mid-rounds and I’m looking forward to a potential barn-stormer;

“I think I will stop him mid rounds, and if I catch him early he will be gone. Mid rounds I think his engine will be gassing and that will be it, he will blow up. Whereas I have a good engine and I have proved I have a good engine when I did the full ten rounds against David Graf at a good tempo.

Willie Limond defends his Commonwealth title against Curtis Woodhouse, Jon Slowey faces Kris Hughes for the vacant Celtic Featherweight title, unbeaten Lightweight star Scotty Cardle is set for a step-up fight and there is action for unbeaten Scottish talents David Brophy and Michael Roberts.




Ben “The Sensation” Hall by Paul Ready


The newest recruit to the conveyer belt of talent at Simsy’s Gym is Light-Middle starlet Ben Hall.

The Sensation, a 2-0 Professional will be trained by Peter Sims and make a mental note of the name as you will be discussing him in the future.

To the untrained eye Hall wouldn’t look out-of-place in a Mens Health magazine; but beneath the good looks lies a mature young man with a shrewd boxing brain.

As I arrived I was introduced to him and began to watch him shadow box then get ready to spar Danny “Cassius” Connor.

The first bell sounded and I was immediately impressed with the composed style of the 21 yr old; he dictated the pace, displayed superb hand-speed and cut the ring-off against an awkward customer in Connor.

When the round ended, Hall walked over to Peter Sims who I looked & nodded at to fully acknowledge his obvious ability.

There is something great there for Peter to work with and mould; Hall is attentive & hungry to learn so it is a journey I am looking forward to observing as a fan.

Already selling 150-200 tickets to fights, watch that fan-base grow when he’s eventually opening cards on SkySports later this year.


Elite Boxing:

Ben thanks for your time firstly, looking impressive in sparring just now. From your perspective what was the first fight you watched as a youngster that really made you fall in love with the sport?


Ben Hall:

As youngster? That’s a good question. Can’t really think of any off the top of my head. I started myself at a young age. I’d probably say my dad was the first person I watched, he was a boxer. My uncle was a boxer too. My dad brought me up by straight away putting gloves on my hand & teaching me, he was the first person I saw.



What weight did your dad box at?



Light Middleweight, so was my uncle. Same weight as me but I’m maturing in to the weight so I’ll be nice and strong at the weight in time.



So can you see similarities between yourself and your dad?



Nah, I’m a bit more clever than him haha. But jokes aside Dad was more come forward with shots; my Uncle was a boxer but they both say I’m more of a thinker. But I do have a tendency to load-up as I can punch a bit.
When I first came here (to Simsys) I was trying to load-up but even after my first few sessions here, I’m showing more defensive skills.



They always say “The best chin is the one that doesn’t get hit” I appreciate you want to look attractive in the ring with big shots, but if you can slip shots you will go far.
I’ve spoken to Peter a few times about you and whilst you are both keen to not get carried away, you put it perfectly when you said the foundations were there for you to grow & mature here.



Definitely agree with that.



Talk to me through your amateur background Ben, where did you start and take us to the present day?



I first started off at Dagenham Amateur Boxing club; where I had near 15 fights for them. I went in the schoolboys where I only had a couple of bouts and was very inexperienced I beat National Champions along the way then fell at the last hurdle in the Semi-Finals and lost.
I moved down to Repton Boxing Club so I could get more sparring, Repton is renowned for that.
From there I won a few Junior Titles, boxed for England and my career really kicked on from there. I had 41 fights, won 35 and lost only 6.

I would be the first to admit now that I didn’t take it anywhere near as serious as I should have done. I was 18, going out etc which when I look back I think was a blessing in disguise as I got all of that out of my system.
I hardly go out now, once in a blue-moon I’ll pop out and see my mates. I’ve got a girlfriend now who I spend most of my time with.



So from Repton, when did you turn pro?



My first fight was in March and it was meant to in October – December.
But I had a year out before that.



What was the biggest transition for you from amateur to pro when you made your debut?



In the fights I didn’t really notice a great difference as I’ve just got in there and done the business. The biggest change for me was the training I was doing, sparring as a pro was much more difficult.
Working on the inside, less break-ups than the amateurs but that was the biggest thing I learnt & the main difference.



What would you say is your key attribute or a part of your game that you are particularly proud of?



My speed and power. I’m quick handed and when I let them go, they hurt. I’m a puncher. I’m a listener too, if I get told to do something; I’ll do it.



What impressed me most with you today was how quickly you assumed control of the centre of the ring and let Connor feel the power you possessed, he was naturally wary of that.

I bet you can’t wait to have your 1st fight with Peter in your corner.



I’m. really looking forward to that. I’m confident with Peter by my side I’m going to impress on July 12th on the Steve Goodwin show at York Hall. There is a Commonwealth Title also on the bill.:



Do you know who your opponent will be on that bill?



I do, it’s a Latvian guy. I can’t remember his name but he’s tall & rangey. He’s going to come and have a go, he’s not a spoiler and it’s in a 4-rounder.



Since joining Simsy’s what was the biggest culture shock for you?



The training. Before I joined all I could think about was how good the sparring would be but the sessions have been really good and hard. I’m going through 4 rounds easy now and previously I was blowing so I know it’s been the right move.

The technical side of things is brilliant, the coaches are fantastic and they treat you like family here.



Talk me through the type of fitness & track work you’ve been doing?



That’s another thing that’s new to me. Never done track work before. First Tuesday I was here they took me out on the track early in the morning, 6x400m with 1 min rest in-between, star jumps with you being timed. Everything is timed on those sessions, you go back and try beat it. Long jump & bunny-hops in the sand.
The sledge, which I’m yet to do. You’ve got to sprint up the hill with it, I’ve heard stories that it’s the hardest one.
Hill-sprints outside the forest, running through the forest.
One of them I didn’t get through it, I done it with John Ryder and Ricky Burns went through it. 10 round bag circuit, 5 mins a round, 30 sec rest. 1 min 6 punch-combo, then sprints. I got through a few then was nearly sick. Those boys done 10 like it was nothing. I’m learning the fitness side of things, once I get that I know I can progress well.



In light of the additional fitness work you have been doing, what changes if any have been made to your diet?



I’ve always eaten healthy. Dad has made me meals in containers before he went to work. I’ve only got 5% body fat now. I don’t drink any fizzy drinks, just water. I take a few supplement shakes, creatine & BCAA’s. Most of the food is healthy, my parents are supporting me which helps.

I eat red meat once a week, white meat mainly, fish twice a week. I used to be a Personal Trainer so I have a basic knowledge of nutrition and general training.



What boxers do you like watching?



I loved James Toney, when he was Super-Middle. His defensive & shoulder work, counter-shots I want to mimic. Oscar De La Hoya is another. I throw a good left-hook like him and I’m trying to gel myself with the best of those two and listen to my coaches but when I’m watching people it’s those two.



What Promoter are you working with at present?



Steve Goodwin is my manager so I box on his shows. But of course I want to box on the big shows on TV with Matchroom. Get my chance to impress everyone and show you what I can do, that’s the direction we want to go in.



Ben, I wont keep you any further. Thanks for your time this afternoon and I wish you the best of luck on 12th July.



Cheers Paul, thanks for chatting to me. I appreciate it.


You can follow Ben Hall’s journey via Twitter: @19BenHall; and on Instagram: 10BenHall

Ben is always looking to add sponsors to his growing portfolio, if you are interesting in sponsoring Ben please get in touch with him.


Article written by Paul Ready.





#AndradeRose #PorterBrook & UK round up by Paul Ready


New York… New York indeed…

As the chatter continues reflecting on a master-class from Miguel Cotto last weekend, attention turns this week across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Barclays Centre for the first of two British fighters chasing a world title this summer in the Big Apple.


Andrade v Rose – WBO Light-Middle Title

Brian “The Lion” Rose (25-1: 7 KO’s) faces Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (20-0: 13KO’s) as chief support on the Ruslan Provodnikov bill this Saturday evening.

Rose has undoubtedly earnt his opportunity by climbing and putting himself in a mandatory position. He will begin as the underdog but it truly is an opportunity of a lifetime for him.

The 29 yr old beat Argentinan Javier Maciel back in October and faces a man in Andrade who will pose questions he has never had to answer.

Boo Boo won the title back in November in a forgetful fight with Vanes Martirosyan, the American is renowned more as a tricky boxer than a big puncher and will be using Rose as a stepping stone to face the elite names in the sport;

“I’m very excited about this opportunity for Demetrius,” Andrade’s manager Ed Farris added. “Hopefully, we’ll get a spectacular win and provide fans with the kind of performance that they deserve.  They will see Demetrius’ incredible potential and special gifts if he does what he’s capable of in the ring.   Hopefully, they will become excited to see him guys like Mayweather and Alvarez.  I know Demetrius can beat every one of the top guys out there. Whether politics in this sport will allow Demetrius the opportunity to show the world his tremendous ability, well, that’s another story.  I know one thing, though, sooner or later Demetrius Andrade will be recognized as one of the most talented boxers in the world and boxing politics won’t stop him from eventually getting to the top.” 

Rose is coming in as an underdog for this encounter and will be looking to de-rail Andrade’s plans for future world domination;

“I have been on a sharp upward curve for a long time now and there is no way I am travelling over to New York just to make up the numbers. I am there to win and to bring the world title back to England.

“I’ve seen Andrade and he is good, but so am I. In the course of the last few years I have faced challenges before and always come up with answers. When I fight Andrade it will be no different, he will just present different challenges.

“I am confident in my own ability and I will prove it against Andrade. I’m in America to make history as one of the very few British fighters to come over the Atlantic and win a world title.”

I fancy Andrade on points in my heart of hearts, but as a Brit I will be cheering Rose on to shock.


Porter v Brook – IBF Welterweight Title


The date has been leaked by the IBF this week that “Special” Kell Brook (32-0: 22KO’s) will finally have his well-overdue shot at the IBF title against champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter (24-0-1: 15KO’s) in New York on 9th August.

An agreement should be in place for a formal announcement within the next 24-48 hrs due to come from GoldenBoy Promotions.

Matchroom tried in vain to bring the champion to the UK, but with a 75-25 split and a clear unwillingness to travel the fight always was destined to be staged in the US.

Porter won the title against Devon Alexander late 2013 upsetting the odds and off the back of a brutal stoppage of Paulie Malignaggi recently, the 26 yr old American appears to be hitting his peak at the right time.

In the golden 147lb division, Porter will be looking to overcome Brook with relative ease, perhaps underestimating his capabilities.

I make Showtime favourite simply because he has already demonstrated against house-hold names at Welter that he is the real-deal. Brook, who I am a fan of, needs to display to the world an extra gear if he is to compete and beat the American.

The 28 yr old from Sheffield has taken some unjust criticism from both sides of the Atlantic as being a “bottle-job” pulling out of the Alexander fight due to injury and will be looking to put in a stunning performance to silence those detractors by arriving fully on the world stage.

It will no doubt be an all out war in the centre of the ring as Porter will be looking to jump on Brook early and stop him.

Beat Porter and Special K is in the mix against everyone and anyone at 147, we could finally get the grudge match we crave in the UK; Brook v Khan.

Porter wins, he may not enhance his profile as significantly as Brook would with the American public being skeptical of him after the Alexander delays, he will be written off as another UK hype-job.


UK news

A verbal offer of £200k has been made by Matchroom to newly crowned IBF Bantamweight World Champion Paul Butler to face Jamie McDonnell.

McDonnell was stripped of the belt last year and wants to claim what is rightly his in a huge unification bout.

“Jamie McDonnell terminated his contract with Dennis Hobson and there is a dispute with the British Boxing Board of Control,” promoter Eddie Hearn said.

“Jamie has boxed his last three fights on my shows and has won a world title again. He no longer deals with or speaks to Dennis Hobson.

“Frank Warren has made an offer to Dennis Hobson for Jamie McDonnell to fight Paul Butler.

“We haven’t seen the offer, Jamie hasn’t seen the offer.

“If they are interested in the fight then I will make it easy, I will offer Paul Butler £200,000 to fight Jamie McDonnell.

“If they want to beat that then I am happy for Jamie McDonnell to fight on one of their shows but I’m not interested in games and nor is Jamie McDonnell.

“So if you’ve got an offer for him, and you don’t want to put it to me, then put it to Jamie McDonnell.

“But my offer to Paul Butler is £200,000 and if he can earn more than that somewhere else then good luck to him.”

The ball now firmly in the court of Paul Butler and fingers crossed we can see this one agreed.


Light-Welter Tyler “Tornado” Goodjohn has been mandated to face the winner of  “John” Wayne Hibbert and a yet to be named opponent for the vacant Southern Area title in the Civic Hall, Grays Essex on July 16th.

Goodjohn added to his growing fan-base with a valiant effort in defeat to Tyrone Nurse in April for the English title.

Hibbert had this to say on his impeding title shot:

“This is huge bout for me. The biggest of my career.

“My grandad, who died about five years ago, was called John and I’m going to win it in his memory.

“Grandad was very knowledgeable about boxing and backed me all the way.

“The John in my nickname is for him and that’s why I’m going to win it.





Cotto, Lee, Butler & Schaefer… By Paul Ready


Only one place to start in an action packed week in boxing is Madison Square Garden on Saturday evening.

Miguel Cotto created history by becoming the first Puerto Rican boxer ever to win 4 world titles in 4 different weigh-classes.

It was a masterclass performance from the 33 yr old, rejuvenated since linking up with Hall of Fame coach Freddie Roach at the fabled Wild Card Gym.

This was the best I’ve seen of Cotto for years, he was sensational. He floored Sergio “Maravila” Martinez 3-times in the first round and proceeded to batter him for 9 rounds before the Argentinian’s corner pulled him out at the start of the 10th.

I want to take nothing away from Cotto, I believe if Martinez would not have had the mobility issues with his damaged knees, he would have needed to box out of his skin to beat the Puerto Rican.

Like a carnivore stalking its next meal in the concrete jungle of New York, Cotto smelt blood and could see his prey was weak, limping around the ring as he circled Maravila waiting to pounce.

It felt like I was watching a nature programme, all that was absent was David Attenborough narrating it.

“I just followed the strategy,” Cotto said. “I got him good in the first round, so, I was confident. He got up after three knockdowns, but we kept calm . . . I was a little surprised, but I went in with a strategy, and that’s what worked. Three knockdowns was not the end of the fight.”

Martinez will no doubt retire as I believe at the age of 39, he will struggle to come back and box with no mobility in his legs.

For Cotto, he can pick whoever he wants to fight now at 154-160lbs. Personally, with the reconciliation between Oscar De La Hoya & Bob Arum, a fight in Autumn with Saul Canelo Alvarez really whets the appetite.

I would love to see Cotto also pit his wits against Gennady Golovkin, it would be fascinating to see GGG under the pressure that Cotto would apply, the trademark left hook of Cotto is back and would trouble anyone at 160lbs below.


Andy Lee scored a stunning KO against John Jackson on the undercard in Madison Square Garden to win the NABF Light-Middleweight title.

Irishman Lee, who celebrates his 30th birthday this week gave himself the best possible gift with a career best stoppage in the 5th round.

The 29 yr old displayed some huge grit to climb off the floor in the 1st round and stop Jackson who was a few rounds ahead on most scorecards.

In his maiden outing at 154lbs, Lee absorbed a barrage of punches on the ropes from Jackson and then unleashed a giant hook-uppercut that stopped the fight before the Virgin Islander hit the deck.

Andy Lee will fight in Denmark for the first time next month


“A big thank you to the boxing [Adam] Booth team. On we go, boys. Thank you to Lou Dibella and HBO Boxing. What a night. It will live with me forever”


In the UK we saw the crowning of a new world champion in Newcastle with Paul Butler becoming the IBF bantamweight champion by defeating Stuart Hall on points.

In an exciting fight, Butler won on a split decision.

Age and speed proved to be a decisive factor with the 25 yr old beating the Hall on exchanges, despite a late rally from the 34 yr old from Darlington.


The biggest news in the world of boxing came Stateside with Richard Schaefer resigning as CEO of Goldenboy Promotions with immediate effect.

The resignation isn’t a surprise to those studying the story with a well documented fallout with owner Oscar De La Hoya.

Schaefer has been single-handily running GB while De La Hoya has taken time-out addressing various problems in his personal life.

De La Hoya has now overcome these issues and wants to reassert his position within the company.

The biggest problem he faces is what fighters are actually aligned to GoldenBoy as powerful advisor Al Haymon represents the lions-share of fighters in the stable.

With Schaefer now departed, Golden Goose Floyd Mayweather Jnr has already announced via his CEO Leonard Ellerbe that he will no longer fight on GoldenBoy shows without Schaefer.

What is Schaefer’s next move?

The smart money is on a link-up with Haymon/Mayweather perhaps as a hybrid promoter thus creating a vacuum effect of fighters no longer competing with Goldenboy.

Fighters such as Adrien Broner, Marcos Maidana, Keith Thurman, Paulie Malignaggi, Adonis Stevenson, Deontay Wilder to name a few don’t have contracts with Goldenboy which truly leaves them up shit creak without a paddle.

Amir Khan for example is represented by Haymon, but do I believe have one more fight with GoldenBoy but then he is free to be promoted solely by Haymon.

Fascinating turn of events with De La Hoya now on good terms with Top Rank head-honco Bob Arum.

Canelo Alvarez is the biggest star of GoldenBoy and has already come-out this week to publicly back his native Mexican & sworn loyalty to him.

No idea how this will turn out but watch this space as things will certainly get fogger on the boxing landscape before we have any true clarity.




#FrochGroves2 Review by Paul Ready


I’ve barely caught my breath and just about recovered from my hangover Saturday.

Words evade me to describe the event, no disrespect to anyone who was unfortunate enough to not get a ticket, but as good as it looked on TV it was even better being in the crowd.

The best sporting event I’ve ever been to?

Without question.

To see Wembley lit up and feel the crescendo of noise passing through your body as Froch & Groves descended to the ring was paralysing.

photo (2)

Stunning picture taken by Kyle Pritchard, son of photographer Russell Pritchard. Talent clearly runs in that family

I’ve always looked back at ancient Rome and often wondered what it would have been like to have watched Gladiators in the Colosseum, to have been a patron having your primeval thirst for blood and violence quenched.

Saturday night, we saw and felt that, minus barbaric killings of course.

Hats off to Sky and Matchroom, they came, saw and conquered.

One hopes it is the sign of things to come, especially with future domestic super-fights in stadiums.

Yes Las Vegas is and will forever be the mecca, the holy city of boxing. But us Brits have given them a huge run for their money.

Any boxer worth his salt would want to box in-front of that audience. We now have calender NFL games played here, why not bring over the biggest names in world boxing?

Imagine seeing Floyd Mayweather Jnr, Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez at Wembley?

The possibilities are endless, the sky is truly the limit and so should the ambitions be of Matchroom/Sky.

I need to watch the fights back fully, I stopped drinking before I entered Wembley as I truly wanted to “drink in” the atmosphere.


The main event fully lived up to expectations with a brutal KO from Carl Froch in the 8th round which fully put to bed the George Groves rivalry.

Big shot: Froch landed a massive right hand in the eighth round that knocked the young challenger out

We had our conclusive ending which The Cobra has spoke often about in the build-up to this fight.

I had Groves winning 4-3 on rounds, but the first few were very tight. There was a legitimate argument for either man. I gave them to Groves as he appeared the more slicker of the pair.

The 26 yr old from Hammersmith boxed how I expected; cautious, on the backfoot, plenty of movement but he continued to make fundamental errors defensively.

The left hand was low by his waist, forever inviting the big right-handed shot which is what finished the fight.

Saint GG needs to take stock and learn from this, now managed by Sauerland Promotions fights against WBO Champion Arthur Abraham and Viking warrior Mikkel Kessler are natural opponents being stablemates down the line.

But he needs a few comfortable fights after suffering two consecutive losses.

For Froch he has spoke about realising a boy-hood dream fighting in Las Vegas, Julio Chavez Jnr the mercurial offspring of legendary Julio Chavez Snr is an opponent who has been linked with The Cobra.

If I was Froch, off the back of that performance, I would go for broke and challenge Gennady Golovkin the 160lb beast at 168lbs.

That is a PPV Las Vegas and PPV fight in the UK. Whether Chavez Jnr would sell well on both sides of the Atlantic is up for debate.


Anthony Joshua done what was expected, he KO’d Matt Legg with ease. Up next will be a more challenging opponent in Michael Sprott.

Jamie McDonnell KO’d Na Rabchawat in the 10th round. The Thai fighter was tough and took the fight to McDonnell, but he never looked in any real danger of being beat, it was purely a matter of time to grind him down.

Kevin Mitchell beat Ghislain Maduma in what was the most competitive fight of the evening. Maduma was leading on some judges score-cards when he was counted out on his feet in the 11th round. The Canadian had Mitchell on the ropes a few times in the mid rounds landing some big shots. In the 9th, Mitchell began to land some big shots as Maduma was tiring. The 29 yr old could now lose out on facing IBF Champion Miquel Vasquez after coming in 1lb overweight at the check-weigh in on Saturday morning.

James DeGale put in a career-best performance stopping unbeaten Brandon Gonzales inside 4 rounds. Chunky looked fresh, spitful and surprised everyone by stopping the American so quickly.

I backed the 28 yr old to win on points, but he clearly had other intentions executing a world-class combo finishing with a left that he rotated fully into. Despite Virgil Hunter and the corners protests, Gonzales was out on his feet and would have been dropped again should the ref have allowed it to continue.

DeGale could now have a long wait to face Carl Froch as The Cobra has just had 2 back-to-back mandatory challenges against George Groves.

If I was Chunky, I would push for a fight with Sakio Bika, WBC champion as Froch has harbored aspirations to fight in Las Vegas next.