@tornadotyler Goodjohn: “I want Boylan next!”

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I’m here with Tyler Goodjohn today, in reflection of the fight with Tyrone Nurse that had clips shown on Ringside this week.

Naturally a disappointing result, but you gave a good account of yourself and can take positives from the fight
Tyler Goodjohn:
Like you say, it was a disappointing result but there was circumstances that took place before, but I want to take nothing away from Tyrone, he’s probably the best person in the division, certainly the most awkward and will definitely be avoided.
It was my 12th fight, we summed it up the other day when we spoke;
“Do I think I would beat Nurse if I had as many fights as he had, 28?
I think I would have stopped him to be honest, in the later rounds.
He’s a good fighter, I’ll take that experience and move on.
I think he was more prepared due to having had more fights, at 24-25 it was his time.
I knew before going in to the fight that maybe it had come a year to early, but at the same time I can’t be turning those kind of fights down.
No one else wanted it, Bradley Saunders pulled out, Lenny Daws pulled out as did Shane Singleton. I got the opportunity and I’m the only person that wanted it.
I want those hard fights, it’s the only way you will progress in this sport and get better is by fighting the best, that’s what you’ve got to do.
You’ve certainly gained more fans by your come-forward style in that fight, taking some big shots and still applying pressure.
So now you’ve taken some time out to relax after a heavy camp that kicked off in January, do you have a date in mind for when you’ll next be out?
At the minute I’m back and living the life training and eating well.
I had some pretty bad injuries in the lead up to the fight so me and my trainer (Peter Sims) are looking at September now.
I just want to get back and get back to feeling good in training again as the last one was a nightmare. I had cuts, damaged my ribs, hamstring injury to be fair it couldn’t have gone any worse, but do you know what, that’s boxing.
No fighter ever goes in to the ring 100%, but I’ve learnt from experience that I can’t go in to fights that big with those types of injuries. I’m going to take a month of just plodding along training, then be back big in September.
Like you’ve said you need to give the body some rest after such a long camp. But I can tell that result hasn’t dampened your desire to succeed in the sport.
You’ve got time on your side (Tyler turned 23 today; Saturday) with the majority of the fighters around you 3-4 years older.
I know it’s a few months away from us September, but is there anyone in mind you’d like to fight?
I’d like Ricky Boylan next, I like Ricky a lot, he’s a great lad, we get on well. But it’s a fight that makes a lot of sense in London, We’ve got great support between us, both got crowd pleasing styles.
I think Tom Stalker is another one as well, I’d love to be the first person to put a loss on his record, over 10 rounds I think I’d beat him.
There’s no fear of fighting anyone now, I’ve fought the most awkward unnatural style boxer out there.
I’m 23 tomorrow, I have got time on my side, if I wanted to do all that build my record up, easy 6 rounder’s against Latvian’s I could do all that, but it’s not what I’m about
I want to be in great fights.
I’ve had some fantastic messages, people love my style.

You’ve named a few there, you and Boylan would be a great fight.

Too much these days is made of unbeaten records, you look at peoples records, it looks pretty on paper but how many fighters do we see, 15/16-0 get chucked in their first real test and get knocked out or beat.
Then they don’t come back, I don’t see the point in that, I’ve never seen the point in that.
It looks good on TV and I appreciate TV wants unbeaten fighters but at the end of the day there comes a time you’ve got to step up which I’ve already done when I was young and I can jump in to big fights now.
I was just talking to Peter (Sims) about the addition of Ricky Burns ex World Champion to the gym, it’s another world class fighter for you to eventually spar with.
He’s a really nice fella and has settled in to the gym well. I’ve had a few weeks off but it will be greatt for me when that does eventually happen. Kevin Mitchell and I get on brilliantly so I’m looking forward to learning off Ricky as well.
I’ll make sure I’m down here for that when it happens.
Is there any message you’d like to say to your fans the Fen Army who came to support you in Manchester?
I’d like to say to everyone who not only came to this fight, but who have come to all my fights throughout my career that always believed in me, I really am grateful for all the support you give me, we are going to go on and do big things. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do it’s as simple as that.
Tyler I won’t keep you any further (Tyler was wrapping his hand throughout the interview) as you’ve got work to do, no doubt we will catch-up in the near future.
Best of luck with the training, Happy Birthday for tomorrow and we’ll speak soon.
Cheers mate, always good to see you, speak soon.
You can follow Tyler Goodjohn on Twitter at @tornadotyler.
Tyler is always looking to add new sponsors to his growing portfolio, if you are interested in sponsoring him, please get in touch.
Interviewed by Paul Ready.

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