Mayweather v Maidana by Paul Ready #TheMoment


The Moment is almost upon us.

Will the fight bomb in PPV sales Stateside?

I very much doubt it. There seems to be a major buzz around this fight and the undercard, I can see it doing well.

It certainly won’t be as low as the Mayweather v Guerrero figures from Cinco De Mayo weekend in 2013.

So let’s analyse in detail what each man is bringing to the table:


Fitness & Conditioning – Mayweather

Unquestionably the fittest boxer in the world today.

I saw an interview this week with his father and trainer Floyd Snr who divulged that Floyd Jnr spars 6-8 minute rounds with no rest in between.

He regularly spars for 25 mins without a rest, truly remarkable.

What I admire most about Money May is he trains with the intensity of an unproven amateur, even at 37 yrs old.

When he is out of shape he is still more in shape than the rest of the boxing world.

A known perfectionist, Floyd is an exercise bunny, displaying a stalker level obsession with the gym which he attributes to why he has remained at the top of the game for 17 yrs.

Tee-total, he epitomes the word athlete and is an example to every aspiring sportman & sportswoman.

Mayweather takes care of his hands post training by place them in ice buckets for an extended period of time.

Everyone has seen him “jump-rope” but it is something that even to this day I never tire of watching.

“I tell the guys in my gym to not watch TV but to watch me”

“When you watch TV, you better be watching me”

“When you watch me, you’ve got to pay”


Fitness & Conditioning – Maidana

With the addition to Alex Ariza in the Maidana camp, a noticeable difference has occurred, Chino clearly is fitter and hitting harder than ever before.

The transition from 140 to 147 has been seamless for the 30 yr old.

The improvement in conditioning hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Mayweather camp, with Floyd pointing out that Khan & Pacquiao were better fighters when Ariza was in the corner alongside Freddie Roach.

He feels Ariza’s absence has been a key factor in the drop of power & fitness of both men since.

With the introduction to track work and morning sprints up the famous Santa Monica steps, Maidana has ensured he is going in to the fight of his life in the best possible condition.

I’ve watched countless videos of Maidana adopting all manner of modern and old school training techniques, from plyometrics to pulverizing a punch-bag with a baseball bat.


Tactics & Game Plan – Mayweather

Despite his public declarations of being willingness to stand and trade with Maidana, I fully expect him to box in the manner he has done for his past 4-5 fights.

Sharp, stinging single shots, and stepping out, frustrating Maidana, encouraging him to bomb forward and swing wildly. Thus “banking” more rounds in favour of the undefeated champion.

Mayweather no longer throws quick combinations, he has made adjustments perhaps due to his damaged fists not being able to withstand 12 rounds of 4-5 punch combos anymore.

Floyd has faced all types of fighters, their tactics will be if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Canelo a better boxer and bigger man than Maidana couldn’t get near Floyd, can Maidana get close enough?

The Mayweather camp are well aware of Maidana’s knockout prowess, Leonard Ellerbe has described Maidana as the biggest puncher he has ever faced:

“In my opinion, Maidana’s the biggest puncher that Floyd’s faced. Maidana’s the biggest puncher that Floyd has faced until this point,” said Ellerbe.

“He has the highest knockout percentage that’s out there. Like I said, he’s never ever not in an entertaining fight.”


Tactics & Game Plan – Maidana

Chino is for me one of the most awkward fighters Floyd has faced for sometime.

Yes he is a pressure and power puncher, we have seen these fighters disposed of with unassuming ease before, how can Maidana box differently?

Despite Oscar De La Hoya’s claim, there is no blueprint to beat Floyd, but he is just a man, he bleeds and can be hurt.

We have seen that before against Shane Mosely, Mosely caught him flush with a huge right hook, Floyd’s legs buckled, he latched on in to the clinch and survived.

Now whilst Maidana isn’t as quick as Mosely, he does possess an unconventional style that can cause problems should he be able to get on the inside.

Chino throws shots from all angles, his trademark shot is the overhand right that appears from a blind-spot. With the increase of strength work, most notably focused on power punches, I feel the tactics Robert Garcia will adopt will be to get up close, work the body.

They want to hurt him.

“You’re going to hurt his ribs. Definitely,” said Garcia to Maidana.

“The fighters that give Floyd trouble are those that are aggressive, that keep coming forward, that don’t respect him. If Chino lands, and Chino hurts Mayweather, then it’s over.”



My conclusion is it is very hard, almost nigh on impossible to look beyond a comprehensive Floyd win.

Maidana I hope will hurt him, drop him drag in to a war, but in reality there is more chance of me facing Mayweather next.

Floyd via a unanimous decision.



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