Peter Sims Interview – (Part 2) By Paul Ready


Elite Boxing:

It’s apparent to see that within the gym, that the fighters hang on every word yourself and Tony tell them.

With your support you have put them all in the best position possible to succeed.

Peter Sims:

That’s exactly what we are here for, to put them in the best position possible to succeed.

Tyler is only 22 years of age, he’s had 12 fights. He’s had 2 defeats, 4 stoppages, he’s still young.

He’s going in to this fight as the underdog as there is a big expectation of (Tyrone) Nurse to outclass Tyler.

He was the underdog going in to the 3rd Danny Connor fight before Christmas, we are happy for people to underestimate him.

I saw an interview about levels (in boxing) recently that I don’t really want to comment on, but I know that Tyler loves hearing that. It’s extra ammunition for him.

At the end of the day, he won a National Title as an amateur, amateur and pro is completely different I know.

I think there is going to be a big shock on the night of April 19th against Nurse.



We spoke earlier about your Jab Wear boxing apparel business, tell me about your plans for that in the future?


We’ve just seen a company now to make gloves, headgear, protective gear, mouth guards.

We get loads of people coming in to the gym to put orders in for the apparel, t-shirts etc.

The majority of it is made to order now for sweat-shirts which has been going since 2006.

Recently I’ve sold 49% shares in the company to an outside party which has taken a lot of pressure off me.

I don’t look after any of the invoicing or financial aspect anymore which is great.

With the 49% shares, I invested them in to an airtime company in Cyprus.

That’s another business that I now have nothing to deal with, I’m just a silent partner which suits me.

I couldn’t do my job in the gym without the other businesses on the side.


What is the main attribute yourself and Tony look for in a prospect?


That they listen. That they are intelligent enough to take onboard what we want them to do.

If you talk to them until you are blue in the face and they don’t listen, they aren’t going to go any further.

That is the main thing, if a fighter has his own ideas on what he wants to do and is going to do things his own way, then he doesn’t need a trainer, and he certainly don’t need us.

If they trust us to what we say then that’s the start of the climb really.

The only person that can make you a fighter is you.

It’s like Joe Lewis said: “I can teach you every trick I know in the book”

But it is a combination of ability and self desire, if a fighter goes in there and doesn’t have the desire; he will never hit the top.

It’s a very important thing they have to carry with them constantly.



So the key from your perspective is openness and having regular frank conversations with them?


I think you have to be honest with fighters and it’s no good having a fighter in the gym telling him:

“You are going to be a World champion”

When you know on your heart of hearts they will never hit that target.

In our gym, we look at the lowest achievement and minimum expectation is a British title.

That is the bare minimum.

If we don’t feel a fighter can win a British title, we won’t train them.

If we did, it takes the attention away from the fighters that you believe can win it.

You’ve only got so many hours in the day.

I’ve got Tyler in, Camacho in and Ileymi in. I give them 2.5hrs each, that’s 7.5hrs, that’s a working day.

If I was to have another fighter, that’s a 10 hr day and I’d have to cut their time to 1.5 hrs.

You end up neglecting them and that’s where I believe things go wrong.



British boxing is in a really exciting place at the moment. Are there any fighters currently in the UK that you would like to see at Simsy’s gym who yourself & Tony could add value to?


Not really Paul no. There isn’t anyone I can think of off the top of my head.

We never needed to do that, not to go on and be arrogant but fighters, they come to us.

I would say on average we must look at 6-10 fighters a year. Who come to us, we train them for a day and we say no.

For a variety of reasons not just talent, their ego, their attitude to the game make us not wish to go any further.

This is all levels from amateurs who are going to a World or Commonwealth Games.

They want to come in and talk to us.

It’s about the full package; it’s no good walking in here with a bowler hat on, a cane going:

“I’m going to be Champion of the World!”

And they can’t even hold their hands up.



I can tell that from just being here for a day, that fighters with that attitude simply won’t work out. The last thing you want is a bad atmosphere in the gym.


We have the 3 strike rule in our gym; you miss 1 training session you get told and you are made aware of it.

You miss 2 training sessions; it’s the last 2 you will miss as the 3rd you are shown the door.

That carries into your fights as well as we were saying earlier at a lower level.




If we move on to fighters outside of your gym, internationally what fighters do you enjoy watching?


Well, the greatest fight for me coming up is Cotto v Martinez. I love the fact that Cotto is back on the scene.

We were all thinking of going out there to watch it the whole gym, but I believe there is a scheduled Matchroom show around the same time unfortunately.

I’ve introduced Miguel Cotto in to Tyler and Tyler looks at him and watches him.

A lot of people underestimate his boxing ability because he is such a brutal come-forward fighter.

But he is such a fantastic technician. He knows how to pin a fighter down.

Another fighter that has come on the scene is Golovkin, he’s a great fighter has tremendous power and is an animal.

Maybe he isn’t the most technical fighter, but his other attributes such as his power more than make up for it.

I think Rigondeaux is unbelievable. He has the greatest footwork, the way he just comes in and out; you can’t put a glove on him.

He works off fractions and millimetres.

People talk about levels, he’s on the sun and the rest of the division is sitting on the beach.

That’s how far away he is.



Peter just wanted to say, been a pleasure meeting you and being here today. I want to wish not only your 3 guys the best of luck in the forthcoming fight, but Tony’s stable too.


Thanks Paul, I’ve enjoyed it. Cheers mate.



You can follow Peter Sims on Twitter @peterjsims1 and Jab Wear @jabwearboxing

Peter has advised that he is always available for hire for fighters, if you require his expertise, please contact him.

If you wish to purchase any Jab Wear apparel, please go to any reputable boxing stockists online.

Article written by Paul Ready.

Twitter: @EliteBoxingBlog @PaulReady


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