No Problem for Chino… By Paul Ready



I ruined a surprise Christmas present last week for a mate’s girlfriend. They came round ours for a curry and a few drinks; he had told me earlier that week over text he bought her Katy Perry tickets.

We’ve got a music channel on as background noise, Katie Perry comes on:


“Lee, you’re going to see Katie Perry aren’t you?!” I blurt out loud without even thinking in a haze of Kronenbourg;

“Well done you dick!” he replied.

It then became a standing joke from my missus and his, he was fine, but the pair of them has milked it massively. Lauren, Lee’s missus, has proceeded to tweet me excessively over it since, I can see this having some legs on it!

Big surprise to some this weekend in San Antonio Texas…

Broner v Maidana

Adrien Broner lost his WBA Welterweight title to Marco Maidana by unanimous decision on Saturday evening.

Now I, like many boxing experts laid the gauntlet down for Broner, this was his opportunity to show the world, silence the critics who loath his self indulgent, brash persona and were keen for him to have his comeuppance

Maidana proved to be far too much for Broner in what was one of the most one sided fights I’ve seen this year.

I would rank it up there with Bradley v Marquez, Pacquiao v Rios and Froch v Groves.


From Round 1, it took even Broner by surprise at how tenacious the Argentinean was, it was apparent to everyone that he couldn’t stand Broner and his pre fight posturing, he was going to be the man to silence this guy.

AB, About Billions as he calls himself, was shocked by the power of Maidana. When he returned to his corner at the end of the 1st, he ignored the corner’s instructions, Broner’s dad combed his hair with that ridiculous afro comb, and kept saying “I’ve got this, I’ve got this”.

In round 2, we saw “Chino” Maidana step it up some more, it reminded me of Froch/Groves to a certain extent.

Maidana had no fear of Broner and genuinely didn’t give a fuck about his reputation. Some eye wincing hooks and uppercuts were thrown, then Chino put Broner down for the 1st time in his career with a beautiful left hook.


The heavily populated Latino crowd erupted.

Broner stumbled to his feet, he was shaken.

This wasn’t in the script.

Maidana proceeded to pummel Broner and pepper him with shots for the next 6 rounds until he knocked him down again.

At the end of each round, Broner sat on his stall, glum, swollen faced and was trying to digest what was transpiring in front of him, his title was slipping away, by the gun loving, tattooed Argentinean menace Maidana.

The fight went the distance, how I will never know as I could see Broner being knocked out at various points, I’m not a fan of him but credit where due for hanging in there.

Maidana won on a unanimous decision, 117-110, 116-109 and 115-100. I had Maidana by at least 7 rounds.

Broner left as soon as the verdict was given, like a spoilt brat not getting their own way, he stormed out of the ring and headed straight towards the exit of the building with his entourage “Band Camp” in tow.

No interview with Showtime… well certainly not on camera.

No congratulations to Maidana.


No class.

Broner behaved appalling before; during with his dry humping behind Maidana, which Chino “returned” the favour in a jovial sense later on.

In the aftermath, Broner didn’t escape criticism of Bernard Hopkins; ambassador for Golden Boy when he spoke to ES News:


“If the fight was a close decision, there would of been an argument for walking out, by doing that when you took a beat down, that’s worse than the performance of the fight, as it says you can’t play with my ball as I lost, storming out with your lip all down.”

“This fight took 3 fights out of him, they say you have 10, he has 7 left”
He also spoke about Broner not being able to make the relevant adjustments in the fight as there will come a time when you will face adversity;

“In life and in the ring; you can’t fight fire with gasoline, you fight it with water”

Philosophical as ever from B Hop, but he made some valid points.

Broner wasn’t prepared to face adversity, he expected Maidana to come out the traps, but he believed he would stop him eventually. When that game plan wasn’t working, he couldn’t make the necessary adjustments to step up a level and win ugly.

To be a true champion, you need that as well as displaying humility in defeat.

I’m absolutely delighted for Maidana and Robert Garcia, what a year Garcia has had. Fantastic trainer and a top guy, a real boxing man, from a boxing family and I look forward to much more from the pair of them 2014.

Maidana now is a big draw at 147, there will be no shortage of suitors wanting to face him. Paulie Malignaggi will want a crack as he feels that it’s still his belt after an unjust decision against him in the summer in the Broner fight.

The winner of Khan v Mayweather at the end of 2014, Ortiz v Maidana II, he will finally get some big pay days and good luck to him, well deserved.

I have heard about the alleged powder inhaling or something he was passed in the corner by Alex Ariza, no idea what to make of it, is it smelling salts? was it Viagra in a powder form?

I genuinely doubt there is any malice there as especially with Brandon Rios banned this week for failing a post fight VADA test from the Pacquiao bout, and so would be incredibly thick and stupid of Alex Ariza to give Maidana a banned substance.

For Broner, once he has got over his sulk, I hope he develops some humility, via Richard Schaefer from Goldenboy or “Big Bro” Floyd. He should use this as an opportunity to rebrand himself, but I will be very surprised if we see anything other than the overzealous, brash Broner we have come accustom to.

One thing that I think he should consider is moving down to Light Welter, Broner weighed in at 144lbs for this contest, and it would stand him in good stead to drop down to the weight class, which he bypassed when he jumped from Lightweight to Welter.

Broner needs to earn his stripes and there is some monster match ups down there.

Broner v Matthysse, Broner v Garcia, Broner v Provodnikov, Broner v Peterson.

He is stuck between a rock and hard place as unless he drops down to 135lb, he has some massive hurdles to overcome. We will not only see what mind-set Broner is in during his next bout in 2014, but if he can bounce back and prove he is an elite fighter at 140 or 147.

I cannot wait to see what happens.

Right that’s me for today.

My next two blogs to see the year out will by my personal awards on 2013 both internationally and domestically.

My 2nd will be who I feel will be the “ones to watch in 2014”and match ups I hope to see.

Have a good week and don’t get off with that ugly girl in the office who has had a crush on you at the Christmas do.

If she offers you a drink that has some white fizzy powder in it, chances are she bought it from Alex Ariza and its dodge!






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