Brook not Special yet… Callum Smith… B Hop an Alien… By Paul Ready



The alleged “Wizard of Oz” esq storm that took place was simply the wind produced from consuming a tin of beans.

Upon looking out in to my back garden this morning, I noticed a giant trampoline appeared in the neighbour’s house directly behind ours, must of blown in from another garden.

I was disappointed to not see Tinie Tempah and 2 Chainz on it, and that they didn’t get hit by a swirling shed in the process.



I was out on Saturday so caught up with the fights when I got in. Completely hammered, not often we get a child-less evening, need to make the most of it Vicious and somewhat unfounded rumours were rife of me cutting some serious shapes on the dance floor. It would of been more a two-step. It’s my drunk fail safe move.

Kell Brook KO’d Vyacheslav Senchenko in 4 rounds at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield on Saturday evening.

This came as no surprise for me, this is the type of performance to maintain & surpass if he is to go up a level and graduate with the big boys.

Probably Brook’s best fight to date. Very aggressive. Boxed like a man with a purpose and a point to prove. Peppering Senchenko with shots, got behind the jab well, softened him up like buttery mash.

The Ukrainian caught him with a beautiful punch that left Brook dazed and almost could of swung the fight. But with the home crowd getting behind him, Brook managed to avoid what would of been a shocking defeat as he was fully in control in this encounter up to this point.


Senchenko described by Brook after as a “world class fighter” for me is an exaggerated comment to say the least. Yes he was ex world champion, but he is not a top 10 fighter in the Welterweight division.

For Brook now, he will have one eye on Alexander v Porter in December as he will face the victor. Other potential opponents are Khan if he doesn’t get the Mayweather fight or Adrien Broner who is fighting Marcos Maidana also in December.

The Broner fight is one which appeals to me most. I for one can’t stand Broner. I really can’t, he looked good against Gavin Rees, but so would anyone. Rees is a tough guy. But he doesn’t possess the speed or durability to trouble anyone of real significance

For me Broner doesn’t live the life enough and I’m unsure HOW good he is. Brook could surprise people in that. It would do wonders for his profile in the US if it happened.

I remember watching an episode “All Access” for The One, he was talking to Floyd backstage at a rap concert, Floyd called him “One pack” due to sporting a pot belly, and Broner laughed it off and boasted about “being on tour”.

Click on the below video 2.30 mins in and check the gut. That was as long as I could stick of the self proclaimed AB.  You knoooowww. Oh dear…

Pretty embarrassing really for a fighter deemed as the heir to Floyd’s throne treating his body in that manner. He will end up having a very short career if he continues to do so.

He is the “I deserve everything for doing nothing” generation. This isn’t college/University where you can take the summer off getting on it because you simply fancy it.

It would make for an blockbuster match-up, Broner should stroll it if he is half as good as the critics say and perhaps deep down I believe he could be. But Brook being the naturally bigger boxer, walks around as a Light Middleweight naturally, should impose his power and win a decision. Eddie Hearn seems to believe they can get him over for $2-3m dollars, but that would be PPV and in the MEN arena. (Now Phones 4U arena)


Earlier on the card we had Super-Middleweight Callum Smith stopping Ruben Acosta in the 6th round.

Smith, 23, again looked superb. Controlled the centre of the ring, marshalling Acosta who took him further than his past 6 opponents. Now 9-0 with 7 KO’s in his first 12 months as a pro, he folded Acosta like a deckchair with two knock downs from separate body shots.

These are almost becoming his trademark punch, reminiscent of a young Ricky Hatton. Hatton’s body shot of Luis Castillo is one of the best I’ve seen.

Smith, could be sharing a ring the end of 2014/early 2015 with James DeGale which would prove to be a good test and an exciting domestic match up to work towards. Smith would eat him like a biscuit.

A man who embarked on the second step of a journey Smith has completed, Anthony Joshua was next up.

Joshua stopped Paul Butlin in the 2nd round. This was a low key outing for Joshua, coming to the ring with “Holy Grail” playing, he is on a long path to the holy grail of Heavyweight boxing.

Joshua again exerted his power, snapped the jab, floored Butlin with a left-right combo. Splitting the eyebrow in the process which pissed blood.

To his credit, Butlin peeled himself off the canvas, had no idea what day of the week it was, for his corner to then throw the towel in.

Being critical, a mate of mine shouted that his combinations were still very amateurish. 2, 3 punch thrown. Which I would agree with.

I’d like to see him move his head a bit more, slip some shots, bring some more mobility in to his game.

But it will come, he has a fantastic attitude so he will continue to learn and grow.

My final piece is on the man that Father Time forgot, the newly named “The Alien” Bernard Hopkins.


Hopkins now wants to be known as The Alien, as he is from Pluto apparently.

Look at Naazim Richardson in the background haha.

Shitting himself.

Even he looks unsure if that is actually Hopkins underneath. Or maybe Hopkins’ face was a mask and this is his real face?

You will never see another 48 yr old (49 in January!!) box at this level, to his standard..ever.

Hopkins beat Karo Murat (25-2-1) on a unanimous decision in Atlantic City on Saturday evening.

This was the most exciting fight B Hop has had since he lost to Calzaghe.

Rather than adopting his usual “chess master” tactics, he traded with Murat, throwing and receiving some big shots that he absorbed. A rarity to say the least.

If you’ve ever caught a B Hop video on YouTube, he’s certainly not backward at coming forward about his achievements in the sport.

A man I have the utmost respect for. Been in with everyone and anyone. Fearless.

He has been in prison, come out, turned his life round, boxed at the highest level for a period spanning 25 yrs.

Now in the autumn of his career, with the leaves falling, decaying on the soil below… Hopkins has become an ambassador for Golden Boy and is regularly seen at any big fight they are hosting,

You wonder how much longer he will continue, but I’ve been asking myself that question for 5 yrs, and he shows no signs of letting up just yet. Maybe he will get to 50 and then walk away.

Check out the below video, hilarious interview Steve Bunce had with him in a caravan, a personal favourite of mine. I would be shitting my pants if I was in Buncey’s shoes.

Finally a bit of self promotion, I’m writing for US based Pro Boxing fans on a frequency basis to be agreed.

Something I’m personally pretty proud of so early after only 13 posts including this one.

Hopefully it could lead on to some exciting things in the future, worse case it will result in some great exposure Stateside.

I have a few irons in some fires with house-hold boxers/trainers who shall remain nameless for now.

Hopefully I can get an interview/meet them in the not to distant future, stayed tuned for that!

I’m going to keep banging on the door, I’m confident someone will answer.

Maybe give me a treat, maybe ask for a trick!


That’s your lot from me and my rambling.

I’m off to Amsterdam on Friday for a long weekend with the boys to celebrate my *cough* 30th.

Have a good week and catch you next week…. if I’m still alive!





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