Frampton KO sets up Title tilt… Brook = pressure is on… By Paul Ready



Had a Weston Super (Mare) this morning. Went to take the recycling out to my sexy new blue bin. Full to the brim with cardboard, plastic and anything else under the sun that is recyclable.

Only to realise that alas, the new blue bin won’t be collected until the 12th November!


Trip to the tip at the weekend is on the cards.

Coupled with my missus’ car having a flat battery, nearly drowning in the rain, the gods weren’t on my side this morning.

Where was my scuba diving outfit when I needed it?!


Guess this film and I’ll send you a prize… probably a box out of my bin… I’ll even sign it if you’re lucky…

So to last weekend…

We had the return of The Jackal. Carl Frampton stopped Jeremy Parodi in 6 rounds in Belfast.

Frampton, has had rave reviews on his performance, but lets not get carried away, Parodi was the perfect opponent for a “comeback” match. A guy who sports 9 KO’s from 35 wins, he has only ever left France on holiday.

Most importantly, he got the stoppage, looked good doing it and we even had a fantastic Irish jig from Barry McGuigan, Michael Flatley eat your heart out.

I exchanged a few tweets with Daryl Richards who is the Strength coach at McGuigan’s gym, he told me they have one eye on Martinez v Mathebula match in December initially. I was quizzing him on Frampton v Quigg. They know the best route for Carl. Win a title, make the Quigg match a unification bout, it puts you in a much stronger position round the negotiating table. A wise, and logical move.

Quigg’s camp are said to be in discussions with Martinez for a unification fight, so they will have to get their skates on and get something agreed.


Throwing bombs…

Frampton is due to get married soon, and take a honeymoon so he can fully enjoy his time off with his wife, then get back to business in the new year.

Probably another reason why they picked Parodi and his cotton wool hands, meant there was no chance of Mrs Frampton giving Carl a slap for having a bruised and battered face for the wedding photos!

Moving on to this coming weekend, we have a solid card at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield.

Callum Smith faces Ruben Eduardo Acosta in his 9th fight at Super Middle. Brian Rose in a WBO Light-Middle eliminator, Anthony Joshua’s 2nd outing against Paul Butlin and headlined by Kell Brook v Vyasheslav Senchenko.

For Brook, we forever have the discussion of a “defining fight, big performance”. It is becoming somewhat tiresome.

Yes he’s been unfortunate with injury, missing out against Devon Alexander for his mandatory IBF title shot. Which he still has by the way, should he win this Saturday. Brook then proceeded to scrap past Carson Jones in their 2nd fight. A fight which he had in the bag in the 1st few rounds, he should have tucked him in bed, but he allowed Jones to wake up and stay up that little later.

Against better opposition you will get found out and punished at the highest level. Senchenko who Hatton took the distance pretty much, after a 3 yr absence, should be stopped by Brook inside 5. No excuses.


I want to get behind Brook, I rate him. He could be very good. But he could equally disappear in to the October fog and be forgotten.

High pressure on him coming from the Steel City, a renowned fighting hub in this country. Home of Prince Naz one of my favourite British boxers of all time. There is a huge expectation on him every time he steps in the ring.

From his promoter, from the fans.

Does he believe in himself?

Is he dedicated to the sport enough to reach the upper echelons?

I’ve heard he likes a night out and his food, Brook needs to reign that in.

Danny Garcia doesn’t drink. He goes to clubs to just pick up girls.

Both similar ages. One is World Champion, the other isn’t. Who would you rather be?

That’s the benchmark, the standard you have to set if you want to be an elite athlete.

I hope he does it, starting on Saturday night. I really do.

Big KO, batter Senchenko in front of Hatton, who I’ve told will be ringside. Give him a wink to say “that’s for you mate”.

If he scrapes to a narrow split decision then he is destined to chug along as a good European fighter, who had a title shot and got found out.

Prove me wrong Kell! It’s over to you….

That’s all from me tonight.

I’m off to go flat pack those boxes…

I reckon I can get another in that bin







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