Will Khan unwrap his Wonka bar and find a Floyd Golden Ticket? By Paul Ready



My kind of Golden Ticket….
In light of the rife speculation, linking Khan with a fight against Mayweather in May 2014. I felt it was only fitting that I chipped in with my two pence worth. Hence the impromptu blog today.
Despite the immediate denials from the Khan camp today, I think it’s an announcement that will be made in the not too distant future. Which is a tad presumptuous that he will breeze past Alexander in December, unless he his pulling out of that fight.
Khan (31 fights, 28 Wins, 19 KO’s, 3 Losses) is yet to have an official fight at 147lbs. His last outing in March a tight victory over Julio Diaz was at a 143lbs catch weight. He has spoke recently that 147lbs is a natural weight for him and he walks around at 150lbs.

Mens Lightweight (60kg) Medal Ceremony
It feels like he has been around forever, he will be only 27 in December. Khan went pro after the 2004 Olympics where he picked up a silver medal at the tender age of 17. He is a man who is actually more popular in the States than he is over here. The American’s love the vulnerable nature of his chin and this makes for thrilling fights in their eyes. He always looks one punch away from being KO’d. But Khan has lightening hand speed and is willing to trade in the trenches of a fight, a commendable trait, if you can take a punch. In the UK, we find him a tad arrogant the way he discusses himself in the 3rd person and what is perceived as an overconfidence in the manner in which he comes across in and out of the ring. Khan who is now on his 3rd trainer, has struggled for me to stick & execute a game plan in the big fights that have mattered.
This has been illustrated in fights with Maidana & Diaz which he ended up winning both, but could of been knocked out various times on both occasions.

Breidis Prescott and Danny Garcia both completely blasted him away in spectacular fashion. Prescott has gone backwards since then, where as Garcia for me should be the man in the opposite corner to Floyd next, not Khan. Perhaps a fight Floyd feels is too dangerous next. Maybe he wants a tune up first and feels Khan is that?

Khan who has changed from Hall Fame coach Freddie Roach, to Virgil Hunter who trains Super Middleweight king Andre Ward. The reason for the split rumoured to be Khan’s felt Roach was to blame for his loss to Garcia. Which I find a tad harsh. Khan was winning that fight, got caught clean, and went down and from then on he was easy pickings for Garcia to KO. Looking back on that fight and how Garcia has progressed and developed since, there is no shame in that loss. Garcia is one of the top boxers around currently in any weight class.

We heard the same quotes when he joined Roach and is now making identical noises this time. It is tiring to hear. Whilst some blame could be placed at Roach’s door, Khan was always going to be the number 2 fighter at Wild Card gym to Pacquaio. He should of been under no illusions from the outset. He could blame his on/off relationship with Roach’s then strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza, but you are then really clutching at straws.

For me as an elite athlete, you have to be your own worst critic. To be the best, you have to scrutinise your victories as much as you do your defeats. Leave no stone unturned. You can’t afford to.


Always the bridesmaid, never the bride to Roach.

What hasn’t endured him to the British public in my opinion, is his recycled quotes that he’s “going back to basics” etc. After almost 10 yrs as a pro, you have either got it, or you haven’t. I make comparisons to Ricky Hatton in the latter stages of his career. His two losses to Floyd and Pacquiao, he suffered from a rush of blood when hit clean. He wanted the fight to be a war and ended up being outclassed and knocked out. Khan, for me, is cut from the same cloth

Khan has a relatively large entourage “Team Khan” as they are known. My concern is he is surrounded by “yes men”. People who inflate his ego, make him believe he is the heir to Mayweather’s throne and the next P4P champion. Hunter has already been critical of Khan travelling all over the States/UK and not focussing on his time in the gym. He really is in last chance saloon with his career. If it doesn’t work out with Hunter, then who does he turn to?

If it happens, this is a safe fight for Floyd, he won’t underestimate Khan by any stretch of the imagination. But nor will he pose any real problems. He is quicker than Khan and I do wonder if Khan can absorb the snapping counter punches Floyd will throw and not be knocked out.
I see Floyd stoppage within 5 rounds. And a juicy PPV pay cheque to boot. Khan, would earn a reported $10m (£5m) from this fight, which would eclipse his purses altogether in his career.
Khan has spoken previously about wanting to leave the sport at 30, with his mind and body intact. With his recent marriage, possible plans to start a family this may become a genuine possibility now. He has done some positive things in the community in his native town of Bolton. Joe Gallagher and his stable of fighters Anthony Crolla, Scott Quigg, John Murray and Matthew Macklin have been using Khan’s Bolton gym which has not gone unnoticed by the British Boxing community.
I can see Khan as a promoter in the future when he eventually does hang his gloves up. He has that kind of personality and a house hold name to succeed where Hatton and other ex British fighters has failed.
Until then, I’m sure we will enjoy a few more edge of your seat fights with him. Regardless of your personal opinion on him, there is never a dull fight with Amir Khan involved.
That’s me. I’m off to the gym to do some Floyd esq ab exercises whilst shouting “Hard WHAT?” to passers by.
Enjoy the boxing this weekend and tune in next week for analysis.


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