Popping my blog cherry, Mayweather is a myth


So hear I am, 10.32pm, Sunday, had about 4hrs sleep since Saturday lunchtime,  used to sleep deprivation now with my 5 week old daughter. 1st of many blogs hopefully from myself, close friends and relatives on the “Sport of Kings”.

Where to start, last night… master class from Money May, am I surprised?


Did I expect Canelo to win at least ONE round?


i think the most startling thing is the fact that Floyd is actually getting quicker as he ages?! Read that again, quicker as he ages?? Defies all rational, physical expectations of the elite athlete, Hopkins a freak of nature, turns 49 next year and still competing against people half his age, but Floyd is undefeated and getting better every fight.

i’ll admit that I did fancy Canelo to “shock the world” by stopping him early, blasting Floyd with his power, natural middleweight frame and speed. But I feared that the longer the fight went, more the wiley fox would slip punches and counter punch his way to a comfortable points victory.

To the neutral, fair weather boxing fan who gets sucked in to the marquee fights, they will claim no surprise in the end result. Not to suck myself off, because 1) eating my cock doesn’t appeal to me, 2) 20 yrs of watching boxing, 13 of those being a Floyd fan, I’d like to think I can hold my own I with hardcore peers, the manner in which he made Canelo look ordinary, was frightening.

It felt like you we’re watching a Year 11, beating a Year 7, found myself and my mate both wincing at each other as each clean counter punch was landed, to no response. Canelo was hitting air, he looked wild, was throwing punch drunk punches that we never going to land.

Which made the majority decision look even more of a farce, how on earth CJ  Ross came to that decision, was farcical. She gave Bradley the points victory over Pacquiao on her scorecard, I don’t want to mention sex in this, but she has no right judging a wet t shirt contest, let alone a PPV monster fight in Sin City.

So where now for Canelo?

I caught his post fight presser, was humble as you’d expect. But he was heartbroken, mentally, physically, he had no answers to questions let alone an answer to “how do you beat Mayweather?” quantum physic equation.

Canelo v Cotto? Mate of mine suggested Canelo moving up to 160, fighting Martinez, then cleaning up that division, he’d still have too much for Barker/Murray to be in Canelo’s postcode, let alone sharing a ring.

He needs to fight again ASAP, Feb/March latest for me.


He has 4 fights left on his Showtime deal, so I think he will fight Garcia next, who looked very slick in his contest with big hitting Matthysse. I had a Garcia stoppage before the fight, since he dismantled Khan, I’ve watched all of his last fights, that boy is a talent, seriously stepped up last night, put himself in the shop window to “win the lottery” as Floyd aptly put post fight, which did make me laugh so much, a bit of piss came out.

(So I see Garcia, Alexander, Rios, Khan as his next opponents. Which would put him on 49-0 if as expected he wins them all, I can see him having one more fight to walk away at 50-0, Broner? Would love that, shut that guy up, great talent, but he’s a complete cock, he’s done fuck all so far and needs to pipe down. Maidana will give him a good test in December. But I doubt Floyd would want that, big gamble as his final fight, and they have a bromance going which would put to bed any chance of that.

So that’s me, 1st one done, share my thoughts with you. If you haven’t fell asleep, appreciate you staying with me through a sea of Birds Eye Waffle.

Feel free to comment, share with who ever

One love xx


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